8 types of extreme recreation for adventure lovers

A small selection of films about extreme

We offer another selection of films. This time there are films about climbers. The mountains have always attracted man. Open spaces that open up to the eye, a sense of freedom, the pure whiteness of snow caps. But at the same time, conquering the peaks is a deadly occupation. The cold and thin air of the highlands is not suitable for breathing, and the need to go or climb all the time takes away the last strength. Climbing to the top is a death challenge. The daredevils who dare to do this test the limits of human capabilities. And maybe what is beyond the limit. But not everyone is destined to return home.

K: Altitude Limit

Taylor and Harold have been friends for many years and, despite the fact that they are very different in character, they manage to easily find a common language. Taylor is a convinced bachelor in life, an experienced womanizer and a successful lawyer. Harold is the complete opposite of Taylor, he is a respectable family man and scientist. But close friends still have a common passion - this is a love for mountaineering, it is this activity that can make them forget about everything in the world. Only after meeting Philip Kleybor, a billionaire, adventurer and professional climber who took two friends on his expedition, they had the chance to fulfill their old dream - they can climb the high Himalayan mountain Chogori or, as it is also called K2. The presented film cannot boast of the presence of a large number of special effects, but nevertheless, the director managed to interest the viewer with the action of this picture. "K2: Ultimate Height", at the moment, is one of the best films, which shows the viewer a dramatic story of many years of confrontation between mountain peaks and a person, clearly revealing the reasons why people, despite the great risk to their lives, persistently strive to climb up. to the top, at the same time they die themselves, lose friends, suffer, but still continue to love and respect their formidable, but insanely beautiful opponent with all their heart.

Some people think that mountaineering and rock climbing are the same thing. You can find out how these concepts differ, as well as about different types of rock climbing on our website.

We also have a story about the most famous caves in the post-Soviet space.

Death of the Guide

In the east of France, in the gorge of the Mont Blanc massif, there is a small town of Chamonix. All residents of this town, one way or another, are connected with the surrounding mountains. However, for some people, mountains are the only meaning in their life. Michel Servoz works as an experienced guide and makes his living by leading small groups of climbers to the mountains. But being one of the many is not for him. Together with his inexperienced partner, Michel makes a rather difficult climb to the Petit-Drew mountain, during the ascent his friend dies under unknown circumstances. In what happened, Servoz is not to blame, but his life has already changed dramatically. And here again another partner and again a new difficult ascent ... Director Jacques Herto did a good job on the creation of the picture. Despite the fact that the picture was filmed back in 1975, the viewer will be able to see magnificent views of the mountains and a rather entertaining plot. The performance of the actors is inspiring, especially the performance of the protagonist, who was able to reveal his nature and show the depth of feelings after the loss of a close friend. It is true that the French films of the twenties have their own unique charm and flavor. The picture presented deserves due attention and appreciation.

Nanga Parbat

Two brothers, Gunther and Reinhold Messner, have dreamed of becoming professional climbers since childhood and want to conquer the top of Nanga Parbat Mountain by all means. In 1970, their dream came close to being realized: the brothers became full members of the expedition led by Karl Herrligkoffer. Their group is tasked with climbing the Rupal Wall - the steepest and highest in the world. Due to unfavorable weather conditions, the climbers were "stuck" in the camp for a whole month and a half, and the permit to stay in this country soon expires. However, Reinhold cannot return home without fulfilling his long-held dream. He decides to climb without belay, and even alone. Gunther, just as resolute, but not very experienced, follows his brother ... Surely many will agree that films based on events from life are almost always perceived by the viewer much more difficult than fictional stories. The film "Nanga Parbat" by Joseph Wilsmeier was no exception. The brothers Gunther and Reinhold turned out to be strong personalities, it is rather difficult to say that one of them was in the shadow of the other. Visions that frighten not only the heroes of the presented picture, but also the audience - once again prove the plausibility and truth of the unfolding story on the screen. When watching this film, one gets the feeling that we are being shown a real documentary film. If you get that feeling, then the filmmakers can only be proud of their work.

We've looked at different snowboarder clothing options to help you make the right choice.

The days of a working person are rather monotonous: a busy schedule on weekdays, shopping, household chores, a computer or TV on weekends. Therefore, a vacation is a great excuse to add an adrenaline rush to your life.

There are many options for extreme relaxation without special training, using the services of experienced instructors. Where can you go for a super-shake-up lovers to find adventure on the butt?

Enhanced Aboriginal Creeper Flight Jump. Now it is performed with a safety net with a rubber elastic band and after a brave flight the jumper springs up and down on elastic bands. For maximum safety, fasteners are carried out by the legs and torso. A more complicated and more extreme option: a double jump and a flight with ballast, which is released below, for example, with another person who is not secured by a belay.

The most unusual bungee can be done in Chile - from a helicopter directly into the mouth of the Villarrica volcano. The Royal Gorge Bridge in America (320 m) promises a high flight altitude. No less pleasure can be obtained in China at the 338-meter tower of Macau. The cheapest jump ($ 20) takes place in Africa from the Bloukrans Bridge.

A method of fostering fearlessness in climbers invented by Den Osman. The strength of adrenaline is similar to bungee, but performed on climbing equipment that is attached to the waist. The end of the flight is swinging back and forth. You can make an unusual jump from any high point. Therefore, there are many places where such services are offered, but the greatest impressions will be received on the Leaning Tower in America, where Osman himself jumped; on the Kierang rock in Norway and in the Crimea on Shaan-Kaya.

Skydiving or "sky dive"

Jump from an airplane at an altitude of several thousand meters. Here, unlike the previous versions of extreme, where the main pleasure lasts up to 6 seconds, the jumper has about a minute of free "swimming" in the sky. Such an unforgettable pleasure promises the Nong Kho zone in Thailand with a jump height of 4000 m and a section near the Fox Glacier glacier in New Zealand.

The most unusual view unfolds during a jump in Dubai over the artificial archipelago Palm Jumeirah.

Hang glider or Paraglider

This is an opportunity not only to fly in the air for a few seconds, but to soar for a long time and enjoy the views of nature is given by jumps with a hang glider or paraglider. The best places for flying are the Pedra da Gavea cliffs in Rio, the Larane-Montaglin region in France, the Oldeniz lagoon in Turkey, Cape Byron in Australia

Allows you to walk for a long time (up to an hour) at a great height above the ground (up to 15 m). The use of thin ropes, swinging rope ladders and hanging logs can tickle your nerves as well as skydiving. The most famous are the Austrian park in Linz, the French park in Chamonix and Atreenalin in Finland.

Travelers on narrow boards on Huashan Mountain in China receive a special shot of adrenaline. But if the height of park routes reaches 15 meters, then here it is more than two thousand. Up to a hundred daredevils are smashed there every year, that's why the road is called the "path of death". From the same series, but with all safety devices, the EdgeWalk in Toronto, where you can lean over a 365-meter chasm while at the edge of the viewing platform.

This is a boat trip on rough rivers with rapids. This type of recreation is for courageous people with an excellent reaction, even when paired with an instructor, no one is safe from unexpected coups. Interesting and exciting routes are laid on the rivers Costa Rica, Zambezi, Colorado, Futaleufu, Snack and Salmon.

Just want to clarify that these are not so much documentaries as contemplative and relaxing, well, and acute attacks of envy cause, what a sin to conceal. Unfortunately, due to the rating, I cannot add the trailers themselves to the post, so I'll have to make do with links to them. There is nothing special to describe here, each of the above films has a wonderful picture and an excellent soundtrack.

1. Life Cycles/Life cycles (mountain bikes).

This movie has already been uploaded on Peekaboo a couple of times, but I can't help but mention it.

2. Strength in Numbers (mountain bikes).

3. The art of flight/The art of flight (snowboards).

4. All. ... an/All I can (alpine skiing).

5. Into the mind/Into the depths of the mind (downhill skiing).

6. unReal (mountain bikes).

That's all. I would be glad to hear your comments and suggestions.

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