10 most extreme independent travel ideas

How to choose a hiking and fishing sleeping bag by height, shape and temperature

Finding yourself in an extreme situation, especially in the wild, you always need to rely on yourself, your strength and endurance, as well as the help of an emergency survival kit. There is another name for it - wearable emergency stock, or NAZ. Such a set consists of items that will help make a fire, get food, improve well-being, and just hold out for several days until help arrives. Survival kits come in different configurations. There are special, military, rescue or naval NAZs, there are hiking, tourist sets. At any store that sells hunting, fishing and hiking gear, you can purchase a standard survival kit. You can do it yourself, taking into account the individual wishes for the set, as well as the duration and conditions of the trip. The main thing is to always take NAZ with you to nature, even if the duration of the hike is three days. It should always be at hand, or even better, if there are several of them - one can be put in a car, one in a backpack, put several in the pockets of clothes, and the smallest one can be hung around the neck or put into shoes (for this, the NAZ is placed in a small capsule) ...

Military Survival Kit

The military survival kit is usually standard for all branches of the military, the differences relate to some specific items, for example, for pilots, sailors, astronauts. So, for example, NAZ of pilots and crews of aircraft, aircraft, includes the following content:

  • Communication and distress signaling facilities

This is a radio station with a battery, an electric torch, a whistle, a signal mirror, signal cartridges, a dye for water, a radio beacon.

Canned food with meat content, refined sugar, salt, caramel, water.

  • First aid kit

Bandage, iodine, adhesive plaster, caffeine tablets, mosquito repellent, pantocid, chloramphenicol, sulfamedizin, promedol, morphine, frying pan packaging.

  • Equipment for the camp.

Pistol cartridges, compass, hacksaw, wire saw, windproof or waterproof matches, dry fuel, can opener, plastic flask, fishing tackle, filter glasses. Another configuration option may contain a machete knife, a woolen hat, a stock of cartridges for hunting.

Depending on the terrain over which you are flying, an emergency survival kit may include:

  • Skis for snowy terrain.
  • Two 1.5 liter canisters of water for waterless areas.
  • If flights are made over the sea - boat or raft with a package of signal water dye, 10 pcs. briquettes for water desalination.

The weight of the NAZ can be from 10 to 18 kg, it depends on the configuration.

Manufacturers of goods for tourism and travel each season release new models of clothing, equipment, accessories and various little things that will be useful on a hike, trip to the sea or abroad. Each tourist has a list of items to take with them on the road. To this list should be added things to make life easier for travelers that will help in different situations.


When the backpack or suitcase is complete, you need to add a few accessories to it:

  • Waterproof Smartphone Case. Protect your phone from splashing water, dust and sand. It will come in handy for lovers of selfies, vacationing at sea and ocean resorts.
  • Waterproof handbag. Another type of organizer for smartphones, money, documents, which is worn on the belt, shoulder or thigh. The bag with multi-stage protection from dust, sand and water will withstand diving to a depth of 10-20 m. The accessory will allow you to swim and dive without worrying about the safety of your valuables.
  • Travel organizer wallet. The accessory worn on the wrist will keep your mobile phone and money safe. Valuables will always be at hand, they will not need to be constantly hidden and taken out to pay for street food or to capture yourself against the backdrop of local attractions.
  • Tactical belt bag. A miniature and compact little thing with many compartments will help you sort your camera, mobile phone, documents, Swiss knife, lighter and other necessary trifles. It is attached to a waist belt or backpack.
  • ID bracelets. On the name bracelet, you should indicate the necessary information about the child or adult tourist - name and surname, address, blood type, the presence of chronic diseases, for example, allergies, epilepsy or diabetes mellitus. No one is insured against accidents during trips and trips abroad. Such an identifier will help to find a lost baby or provide emergency assistance to a person who has lost consciousness.

These accessories will make your trip more enjoyable and cheaper, and you can buy them at your local sports store or order them online.

Gadgets & Gadgets

In the age of advanced technology, no travel is complete without a smartphone, tablet, laptop and other electronic devices. In order to be able to access the Internet anywhere in the world and at any time, post photos on a social network, or always stay in touch, you need to take small but useful devices on the road:

  • AC adapter for sockets. The universal adapter has several retractable plugs that will provide access to the mains in any country in the world.
  • Power Bank. Active use of a mobile phone during vacation (social networks, google maps, selfies, listening to music, calls, etc.) inevitably leads to a quick discharge of the device. A portable battery with a large supply of energy will help recharge the device or provide it with power during an unexpected power outage.
  • Long charging cable. It is difficult to predict the location of outlets in a hostel or hotel room. This device will help you connect your smartphone to the farthest outlet located behind the refrigerator, sofa or other hard-to-reach place.
  • Headphone splitter. The indispensability of this miniature device will be appreciated by a couple in love or best friends who want to while away the time while on the road or on vacation watching videos and TV shows.

When traveling to another country, overcome the language barrier between tourists and natives will help the IconSpeak smart T-shirt, which contains many different icons and pictograms depicting a toilet, wi-fi, hospital, police, etc. With the help of simple, but understandable to all symbols, you can find out where the nearest hotel is located or where beer is sold. It's even easy to confess your love by simply pointing your finger at a picture with a heart on it.

Comfort goods

During travel, inflatable devices will help to make your rest more comfortable:

  • Horseshoe pillow. This accessory will relieve tension from the neck, relax the muscles of the cervical and shoulder spine, prevent headaches, discomfort, fatigue and fatigue. Such a pillow will come in handy for anyone who has to sit in the seat of a bus or plane for several hours in a row.
  • Inflatable footrest. It will allow you to straighten your legs after a long walk and fully relax on the plane, prevent stagnation of blood and lymph in the muscles of the legs. It is advisable to purchase a portable electric pump for the pillow.
  • Lamzac. The inflatable sofa bag, made of waterproof material, withstands a load of 150-200 kg, can be easily washed in an automatic machine. Different models of aero sofas can be inflated in 1-2 minutes, using not a pump, but the force of the wind. Such an item weighs no more than 1-1.5 kg and is perfect for friendly outings in nature, family picnics and relaxation alone.

What are the ideas for extreme travel in our time, when everything is walked, noted, settled down and grandmothers have exchanged summer cottages for Thailand? It turns out that all is not lost yet!

There are places on the planet, upon returning from which even the most hardened skeptic will exhale: "Well, you're really cool, dude!". Of course, there is a long and serious preparation ahead, you need to save up money, explain to your family and friends that you will be extremely careful, gather your spirit and - go ahead!

ideas for the most daring and extreme travelers

Conquer Everest

Of course, Everest is mega-cool! Without exaggeration, thousands of tourists from all over the world come to the Himalayas to see it with their own eyes and experience the sacred fear of a stone block several thousand meters high. Not all athletes and experienced climbers can overcome difficulties and climb to the top. And what about us, not the strongest physically, but thirsty for extreme?

The foot of the Himalayas at different heights abounds in camps for untrained climbers. And although the Sherpas are carrying their luggage and equipping their life, money has already been paid for everything, there is only a little visually left to rise, but there is no strength anymore, consciousness has practically turned off and only crazy adrenaline makes you take another step to victory over yourself.

This is a real extreme, which is impossible to describe, just feel it yourself!

We advise you to watch the most interesting video from the height of Everest:

Bargaining in Iran

Iran deafens the tourist, does not let him breathe out for a minute and begin to perceive the surrounding reality calmly, without emotions.

Iran's Extreme Everywhere:

A survival kit is simply a collection of consumables and basic tools pre-equipped to manage a survival situation. The best survival equipment doesn't have to be too expensive or too bulky. However, the kit must adapt to your business, your needs and, most importantly, the climate in which you will be using the equipment.

This should be an integral part of any training plan that comes to mind. The best kit is one that is easy to carry, especially when you are far from civilization. An inventive and versatile kit is a kit that contains the basics to help you create a life support system.

Types of Survival Equipment

There are several things that you must survive in a difficult situation.

Each mechanism consists of certain items that are of great importance. The most common and popular gears you should always carry with you are:

  • Water. If you are thinking about the subject of survival, you cannot do without water. You can go days without food, as the body will burn your body fat in order to continue. However, your body will definitely need water to keep you moving. Having a reliable filter is undoubtedly essential to your survival. Simply put, a water filter and any other aquatic equipment are essential to your survival. Without them, you will wither and eventually die.
  • Coat. Shelter is something you cannot do without while in the forest, especially in extreme weather conditions. He also needs shelter to keep himself safe from animals or to take an advantageous position from which he can defend himself. The items with the most resources you will need to create a good hideout include: a tent that folds down to a considerable size; garbage bags or leaves; Wire saw Nylon rope and heavy duty knife.
  • Clothes. Climatic conditions, terrain and vegetation must be considered when choosing the perfect outfit. The clothes you choose should help you survive in difficult conditions. The most common items you need in terms of clothing should include: tight pants, sturdy jackets, warm underwear, sturdy boots, woolen socks, woolen shirt, sweater, sunscreen lotion, sunglasses, a hat, and sun. hat to mention a few.
  • First aid. You should never be sure that you will not get hurt or injured when you are in the woods. Anything can happen and you can hurt yourself. Therefore, a first aid kit is a must-have kit in your insect outlet bag. You can buy a commercially available first aid kit or create your own.
  • Communication and signaling facilities. Before engaging in outdoor activities that can become a survival situation, you must make sure they are available. It is necessary to carry a mobile phone into operation. The phone battery must have a long lifespan and last longer. You should also carry a power bank, just in case. Signaling devices are extremely important when your phone's battery runs out. They can easily help you get help when you are stuck in an impossible situation. Popular signage you must have include: flares, flare mirror, police whistle, flashlight, and cell phone.
  • Weapons, archery and basic .. Of course, you need survival weapons to overcome difficult situations. When you are in the forest, you may face a difficult situation in which you have to defend yourself or fight for your life against a wild animal. The weapon is also useful when hunting game or predator. The best weaponry, archery and basics can include, but are not limited to, scissors, knives, lighter, machetes, rifles, shotguns, and compound bows.
  • food. Food is an important survival tool, but not in the short term. In most survival situations, the food you eat before going on an expedition is more important than anything else you might be looking for. To be precise, food should be the least of your worries, as one way or another you will have to search for or consume a small amount of packaged foods. The one thing you should never do is go the other way while your current eating habits are bad. You will be deprived of much needed energy to survive in a difficult environment/situation.

You can always opt for commercial equipment. However, they may not provide the highest quality components. Some kits are affordable, probably because they fit a pre-set budget. However, it's best to spend as much as you can on individual items for your personal survival equipment.

In general, you can depend on your gear to survive between a rock and a difficult place. The best kit is one that is designed around a single item. It just means you know exactly what you have in the store and when to use it.

Comments on the best survival equipment

Always ready small first aid kit

You will be surprised at the size of this first aid kit. It is very compact, but it is packed with everything you might need while you are out in the woods. The package is unique in that it contains only the basics and nothing more. It is not only a first aid kit but also a survival kit as it is filled with a whistle, light bar, compass and emergency blanket.

Complete kit should include:

Hello friends! This is Julia Kehl. We have already talked in detail about choosing a quality tent and a comfortable travel bag. It's time to discuss an equally important attribute of a tourist. Today in the article we will find out how to choose a sleeping bag for hiking and fishing. The most important criteria will help you with this: size, temperature and material. In addition, we will talk about the main types of goods. I will help you make your trip as comfortable as possible.

After reading the article, you will definitely decide on the choice of such an important purchase. You will know what to buy so that the night in nature does not become a flour.


Before buying, first of all, you should decide on the type of sleeping bag. It has four main varieties in shape.

The most popular form of a sleeping bag. Its main advantage is its "anatomical" shape. That is, it repeats the structure of the body: wider at the shoulders and narrower at the legs.

This model has a hood and a special collar. All this prevents heat loss. The zipper differs from model to model. For some, it goes along the entire sleeping bag. They tend to be more expensive. Others have very short zippers, while others do not. The last product is both economical and inconvenient as much as possible. Not only convenience depends on the length of the lock (it is easy to get into such a bag and it will not be difficult to dry it), but also the weight. The long side zipper allows more than just ventilation. By unfastening it slightly at the bottom, you can also join two sleeping bags together. And for this, their firm is not important.

Most practical choice. Such a sleeping bag can be easily turned into a blanket by unfastening the zipper. As a rule, they are produced in a rectangular shape. But there are also more convenient models - cone-shaped. That is, narrowed in the leg area. This model is suitable for warm weather conditions. It is often used on weekend hikes. Also for short tourist trips. Although, some products of well-known manufacturers are also suitable for serious tourism.

This sleeping bag is the shortest of these. It covers the legs and reaches the waist or armpits. It is necessary to sleep in it in a warm jacket. This type is most convenient for extreme sports enthusiasts. Due to the fact that it is lighter than other models. And this is an important advantage for climbers. Down is used as a filler. Therefore, it will be perfectly combined with a down jacket. In addition, if we talk about a significant advantage, fluff is the lightest filler. Such models are mainly made to order.

This type of sleeping bag is not in great demand in our country, but it is quite common in the USA. How is this model different? It combines a sleeping bag and a rug. There is a hole in the place where the sleeping bag is useless due to the fact that it crumples. A rug is attached to it. It also lacks a zipper. You need to get into the sleeping bag through the bottom hole. Then fix the mat.


In addition to the form, the product we are talking about can be subdivided by purpose. Let's talk about how to choose a fishing and hiking sleeping bag.

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