10 best excursions in Kemer

Hiking trails in Turkey

The trails of Turkey indicated in the review were exploited by representatives of more than a dozen civilizations. Who knows: maybe Jesus walked along the one that you decided to use, the Achaean Achilles ran with a spear, or even earlier the Hittite emperor Suppilulium II moved in a chariot. But it was trampled by the first agrarian on Earth. However, all this is bright lyrics. Think mundane things like accidents along the way, equipment, provisions, and insurance. Well, you don't want to suddenly become history too, do you?

What to foresee

Leisure activities, as well as wild, but insanely idyllic dimes, are united by eco-trails. The one that is described in the TOP-5 under No. 1 is the best. Insurance for Turkey is the first thing you should buy before embarking on an adventure. You can read more about it here.

In Turkey, hiking is a normal phenomenon for Europeans and Russians. But only in one case! Attention: everything will be fine only if the traveler has carefully considered several aspects. Firstly, it is best to enroll in a group of Russian-speaking tourists (instructors advertise themselves online). Secondly, learn at least the basics of etiquette and language of the country in which you are gathered. In the Turkish hinterland, no one (except traders) adapts to tourists. Although the people are hospitable. Thirdly, if you have already decided to go on a hike on your own, then at least think about how to smooth out the consequences of any unpleasant situations or even save your life. Are you going to Turkey without insurance? An imprudent decision, given that in this state everything is based on the concept of "insurance product". Until you call "where you need to", no one will lift a finger to save you. This is not a tolerant Europe. See below for visitor health insurance policies (and more).


Medical insurance in Turkey is an important aspect for "hikers". Of course, “mattress toppers” can “burn out” on the beach, twist their legs in the mountains (after shaking themselves out of the bus for only 5 minutes), choke on self-made alcohol, or cut their legs with a sea clam shell. It has been written about how a Russian tourist can "get sick", talked about on TV and in all sorts of blogs more than once. Note, however, that these are problematic but uncommon cases.

Active rest is much more dangerous. Abysses, rockfalls, long absence of medical posts and normal sanitary conditions, wild animals, fights, dangerous currents, the results of dehydration or pain shock ... Travel insurance for Turkey will allow you, being in the village or its immediate surroundings, to get the right to:

  • calling an ambulance in case of exacerbation of an existing illness;
  • assistance in a medical facility in case of injury (attack, dislocation during normal walking);
  • hospitalization after a situation recognized as an accident (there are many of them here).

Buy a joint venture (receive a policy by e-mail). Show at any visa center. Already in place, travel insurance to Turkey works like this. In the event of an emergency itself, call the specified telephone number of the assistance company. She solves all organizational issues. While the insurance organization subsequently pays for everything to the hospital, clinic or just a first-aid post. The main thing is that insurance for a trip to Turkey initially puts you in a situation in which you no longer need to be nervous, worrying about your own safety.

There is a service and compensation product. The first implies that the insurer pays for the services of Turkish doctors directly. The second option is the case when you pay yourself (this procedure simply saves time). And then the chosen insurer will compensate you for everything. The best insurance for Turkey is the one with a minimum coverage of € 30,000. After all, this is enough to save a life after a rather severe damage to the body. Even if there were no accidents - this amount may be needed in case of exacerbation of any disease or "childhood" illness of the child.

And more. No insurance company (in the basic version) covers the costs associated with a deliberately chosen extreme - riding a jet scooter, surfing training, diving and banjo jumping. With any kind of activity in a state of alcoholic intoxication (you just had to sleep).


Updated January 28, 2021

Excursions in Turkey are always a lottery! Can be very lucky with both the guide and the program. Or you may not be lucky, and you will go shopping for too long, fighting off the obsessive sellers of sheepskin coats and gold, and there will be very little time left for sightseeing, besides, you will explore different antiquities on your own without interesting stories and historical anecdotes, as the guide will only show the direction by waving your hand to the side.

Therefore, before choosing something, we advise you to read the material on where it is better to buy excursions in Turkey. Read about rafting, jeep safari, hammam and similar entertainments here: Entertaining tours in Turkey.

By the way! Many excursions can be booked at home via the Internet at Tripster websites. u or Sputnik8. om, and also on the Weatlas website. om.

Attention! A large selection of excursions in Istanbul is collected in a separate material: Excursions in Istanbul in Russian.

Excursions in Turkey and their description

Excursion to Israel from Turkey

Excursion to Israel with air travel is calculated for one day. The tour is dynamic, challenging, but interesting. Different travel agencies organize it in different ways: with an early morning flight from Antalya to Tel Aviv, or with a flight to Israel in the evening and overnight in a Palestinian hotel. Be prepared for thorough passport and customs controls.

The excursion program usually includes a visit to the Pilgrim Center (here you can buy candles and icons in order to consecrate all this in churches later), the Church of the Nativity of the Lord in Bethlehem (the place where Jesus was born), the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem, Wailing Walls, where you can put your notes with wishes. Tourists are also taken to the Jordan River to plunge into its sacred waters, where Jesus was once baptized. The last stop is at the Dead Sea - here you can lie on the surface of the water and experience the effect of healing mud. The main disadvantages of such tours are the constant haste and the inability to retire to contemplate and think about the main thing.

Price of excursion to Israel from Turkey: 250 $.

View of the Western Wall in Jerusalem (Israel).

Want to add some extreme adventure to your trip? Go rafting in the Köprülü Canyon.

Where is it?

The Köprüçay River is a favorite for river rafting enthusiasts in Turkey. 5 million visitors come here annually. The river originates in the town of Sütçüler in the Isparta region and reaches the Mediterranean Sea in Antalya, passing through the Köprülü National Park.

They bring here from all tourist regions: Kemer, Antalya, Belek, Side, Manavgat, Alania.

This is a picturesque journey, during which you will pass through the breathtaking Mountains of the Tavr in the Antalya region and see the magnificent, Old Owl Bridge.

Briefly about rafting

Rafting is an extreme alloy in a boat along a mountain river.

The level of complexity in Turkey depends on the season: <

  • in summer the river is more relaxed - even children over 6 years old can participate.
  • in the spring, it becomes raging, full of stock. The complexity of passing increases sharply.

Cost of excursion an average of $ 20.


One of the best resorts of Turkish Riviera is famous for the clean sea, flavors of the needles and green mountains. On the excursions you will better recognize Kemer and other sights of Turkey. We tell about the most popular trips.

where to buy excursions


In travels We buy excursions on Satellite sites8 and Tripter - there is a huge selection and real tourists' reviews, so it's easy to choose a good guide and an interesting program.

Relax on Turkish Maldives

In the resort, pebble and sandy-pebble beaches. If you want soft sand and pure azure water, take a tour of Kemer to the amazing Island of Suluada. Water around it is so transparent that the bottom is visible at a depth of 20-25 m. You will visit several picturesque bays and swim in the most beautiful places!

price. In 2021, an excursion to Turkish Maldives from Kemer costs $ 30 per person.

Tourist reviews. Participants noted the wonderful views, pleasant atmosphere of relax and satisfying lunch on the yacht.


Yana: "Maldives, not otherwise! Such beauty! Caves in rocks, cosmic colors Water, too warm for late October, white pebbles, yellow sand. If you vote, you will be in the photo like in the Maldives."

admire lunar landscapes

Cappadocia is so beautiful that it is better to go there for two days. During the trip, you will see a charging volcanic landscape, bizarre stone pillars, an open-air museum of Görem, a rocky city, ancient church, the valley of the pigeons and meet the work of local gonchars. For the night, tourists are accommodated in the comfortable hotel Stone Concept 4 *.

Price. In 2021, a two-day excursion from Kemer in Cappadocia costs $ 90 per person. For a balloon flying, you need to pay $ 250-300.

Tourist reviews. Many are satisfied with the bus and walking tour of Kemer to Capadokia, but she has one minus. The road there and back is very long, so on the first day you have to get up long before dawn.

Natalie: "This year we chose Cappadocia for 2 days (you have to see it with your own eyes, I will definitely go again), we really liked everything! The transfer is always on time, the transport is comfortable, everything that was agreed upon has been completed at the highest level! "

Turkey is one of the most popular countries among travelers who choose it for their holidays. Tourists have an attractive warm and clear sea, modern hotels, well-developed infrastructure, excellent service. Turkey: what should a tourist know before traveling?

Customs & Money

Tourists with Russian citizenship can arrive in Turkey for 2 months without the need to apply for a visa. To cross the border, you need to have a passport, a return ticket and a hotel reservation.

You can bring currency with you without restrictions, but if the amount is more than 5 thousand dollars, then it must be declared. You can import Turkish lira in any quantity, but it is allowed to export an amount that is not more than the equivalent of $ 1,000.

Up to 400 cigarettes, 2 liters of alcohol with an alcohol content of not more than 22% can be transported without paying the duty.


The local population of the country likes to receive guests at home. Therefore, they are considered friendly and welcoming. If you warn in advance that you will come to visit them, they will be greeted with a set table full of various dishes.

  • You cannot leave a single Turk without drinking tea. The tea ceremony is very important to them. On average, the indigenous people drink 10 cups of tea per day. This custom was adopted from Asian countries. A cup of tea can be offered in any institution, even in a store, and in no case should you refuse - this can injure a Turk.
  • The locals are curious. They can calmly ask about their personal life when they first meet. The indigenous people always know all the gossip and interesting stories, especially for women. Since most of the fair sex do not work, they find themselves amused by discussions.
  • There are conflicting opinions regarding their friendliness. You can turn to the Turks with any request for help, and they will not refuse. But many assure that it is difficult to achieve something from men, especially if women turn to them with a request. Despite the modern way of life around the world, women in Turkey are classified as second class. According to indigenous men, women at any age should cope with their own problems.

Turks are clean, so their houses are always clean.

Best time to travel

The tourist season starts in May and lasts until the end of October. But in early May it can still be quite cool, the sea warms up poorly, so there are few swimmers.

With the onset of summer, the weather improves significantly, there are many more tourists. During the daytime, the sun can bake well, so it is worth using sunscreen and wearing a hat. The peak is in July and August.

At this time, the country has the most vacationers. When planning a trip for this time, it is worth determining for yourself whether a vacation with a large crowd of people, hot weather and inflated prices will suit you. By the end of August, tourists begin to leave, the daytime temperature reaches +35 degrees, and in some resorts it can be +40. This time is considered the hottest in the country.

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Faculty of Social Psychology and Tourism We invite you to enroll in a master's degree in the direction of preparation 37.4.1 Psychology of orientation: Counseling psychology, psychology of sports and

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What is eco tourism and why is it so popular

Among the large number of types of tourism, many travelers prefer ecological tourism. This type of tourism is distinguished by the fact that you can visit wild places in which almost no man has set foot, and which are practically not spoiled by civilization. In these places you can, depending on the purpose of your trip, observe or explore the ecologically clean territories that have presented to your eyes and get an incomparable experience of the beauty of the wild nature. All types of tourism that can be summarized as an ecological direction can be defined as two types of tourism. This is ecotourism in places that can be called reserved and protected by the state; ecotourism in places not related to protected areas. This type of tourism in Russia is in great demand among nature lovers around the world. Our country has a huge variety of natural phenomena in all its corners, which did not go unnoticed by tourists both from Russia and from other countries. But many people prefer to go on ecological travels in Europe, which is also distinguished by a large number of protected areas and simply incredibly beautiful wild places. In order to go on such a journey, many people prefer to independently explore nature, without resorting to the help of guides and using their own transport. Others turn to companies that provide services for organizing bus routes in Europe. To do this, you need to decide on the choice of such a company and request information on the proposed eco-tour programs, and get a calculation of the route in Europe. If you are going on such a trip for the first time, then eco-tours in Europe will make an incredible impression on you. Having once discovered all the delights of ecological tourism, you will always prefer it to other types of tourism and will not regret the time spent! Ecotourism in Russia and France Some areas of the central part of Russia are of great interest for ecological tourists. There are a huge number of nature reserves, reservoirs with their inhabitants and other magnificent sources for learning about wildlife. Among the places where ecotourists prefer to go in this part of the country are the following objects: the one-of-a-kind State Central Forest Reserve, located in the western side of the Tver region; Lake Seliger, in which at least thirty thousand species of fish have been found; and the National Meshchersky Park, located in the Vladimir region, will offer you such geographical areas as taiga, steppe, deciduous forests and forest-steppe. The western part of Russia can also offer ecotourists the most beautiful nature reserve - the National Park on the Curonian Spit. This place separates the Baltic Sea from the Kursk Bay, and its sandy hills in places are up to sixty meters high. Of course, the whole of Russia is replete with all kinds of biosphere reserves, in which a huge number of species of rare plants are protected, as well as many endangered species of fauna are bred and preserved. However, in addition to the unique beauties of our vast homeland, a large number of ecologically clean and beautiful places can be found in France. For example, quite recently, Europe has chosen the beautiful city of Nantes, located in the western part of France, as one of its green capitals. There are many routes in France that involve observing and exploring the country's ecological attractions. One of these attractions in the near future will be the main symbol of Paris and the country - the Eiffel Tower, the surface of the structure of which is planned to be covered with completely green vegetation. Thus, the tower will be the most beautiful ecological site in the country, and every tourist route in France will simply have to offer ecotourists a visit to this site. Ecological tourism. Where to get education in this area? Italy is not the last among the countries with many ecological objects. And if you decide to visit this country, then make sure that the ecological route in Italy must include a visit to such an attraction as the Valle del Treya Regional Natural Park, spread out in the wonderful valley of the Treya River, among volcanoes and a large number of small and large bodies of water. Also be sure to visit the Nadzano Tevere Farfa Nature Reserve, located on both sides of the mighty Tiber River and the Monte Soratte Regional Natural Park, located on the slopes of Monte Soratte. Tourist routes in Italy certainly provide for visits to these places for ecotourism lovers. Where is the training of specialists in the field of ecological tourism carried out? There are very few such educational institutions in Russia. One of them is the Faculty of Ecological Tourism of the Russian Academy of Tourism. You can also get such a specialty as a manager of ecological tourism or an economist of ecological tourism in the department of management and service of international ecological tourism at the International Independent Ecological and Political University. Specialists who have received this education will be able to work in reserves, nature conservation areas, educational institutions, national parks and, of course, travel companies. In Russia, there are state-owned enterprises such as the Ecological Travel Center of the Ecotourism Development Fund "Dersu Uzala". Mainly, these enterprises practice in the field of tour operators, however, in favor of reserves, they reduce their profits to a minimum, so that they get more money for their development and help local residents caring for reserves. Europe is the center of tourism for Russians Europe, every year gains more and more success among Russian tourists. Despite the high cost of tours to European countries, Russians do not deny themselves the pleasure of observing the sights of Europe and seeing with their own eyes how and where Europeans live. Excursions that include the services of a guide also involve a lot of money, but those who prefer to save money can visit some of the sights of European countries on their own, as well as just walk the streets, get acquainted with the architecture or, perhaps, have a small picnic on the lawn of the green park. However, if you decide to go, for example, to the Vatican to see the world famous St. Peter's Basilica, you should still provide for a small cost for a guide in order to hear an interesting story about this beautiful place and architectural monument. St. Peter's Basilica is the greatest Catholic Roman church, located on a vast territory, capable of accommodating about sixty thousand people in one row. Also, do not save on a guide if the purpose of your trip is to visit the Roman Pantheon. This building is a miracle of architecture, was built in the name of all the gods of ancient Rome. Today the Pantheon is a reconstruction of a building that dates back to the seventh century. From that time to the present day, this place has served as the Roman Catholic Church and on great holidays, Masses are held there. The main feature of the Pantheon is the open square in the center of the temple. This place is called the Great Eye, in ancient times, when a fire was lit in the center of the temple, the smoke came out through this opening, which is why it was nicknamed that way. And at the moment, in the Pantheon, the Great Eye is the only place from where daylight enters the building. A source

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