Where to send a tourist in Thailand: TOP unexplored provinces

Where to send a tourist in Thailand: TOP unexplored provinces

One of the key topics of the Thailand Travel Mart Plus exhibition in Thailand was the presentation of the provinces, which in the future may compete in popularity even with the promoted resorts of the country

This topic became one of the highlights at Thailand Travel Mart Plus 2019 - Thailand's most significant tourism trade show, held in Pattaya from June 5-7. The participants were introduced to a new concept of tourism development and the brightest regions that previously remained in the shadows. Today they are already attracting the interest of tourists from all over the world or are about to become a discovery.

White Temple in Chiang Rai

Thailand's New Tourism Development Concept

It is adopted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for the coming years, called "Strategy A-B-C" and includes three simple principles.

A - Additional: Create links between major and developing cities.

Obviously, Thailand's popular resorts are attracting more tourists. The Tourism Authority of Thailand connects these resorts with developing regions through convenient transport links. For example, in the north of the country, tourists can get from Chiang Mai by car to Lamphun and Lampang in just an hour. Likewise, from Pattaya to Chanthaburi and Trat in the east.

B - Brand New: positioning and promoting new cities with their own unique identity.

For example, Buriram. Besides the Khmer civilization, the city is well known for hosting local and international sporting events. This year, it will once again host riders and spectators at MotoGp2019.

C - Combined: Combining developing cities into groups.

Thailand is a country with a "happy" economy

A developing industry and successful business are attractive to global investors, who contribute to the active development of infrastructure, which in turn affects the hospitality of the country. With all the benefits, the flow of tourists is ensured, which bring significant profits from tourist expenses and rental of premises.

This scheme is, of course, conditional and in fact there are much more links in it, but the meaning remains clear. Serious investments in real estate directly depend on how the state solves priority tasks.

Not so long ago, Bloomberg released a new TOP of countries in terms of economic indicators. The name of the rating speaks for itself - "misery index" or Misery Index. Despite the ironic name, this project hides a huge amount of analytical and statistical work.

The algorithm for constructing the rating is simple. A state with a high unemployment rate and a high inflation rate has no right to claim the title of "healthy" financially.

The scheme also works in the opposite direction: if people can be employed without problems and there is an increase in wages in relation to prices and services, then the state has a "happy" economy. After analyzing 62 countries of the world, scientists have come to the conclusion that for two years the primacy belongs to Thailand.

Surely no one will be surprised at the high standard of living of the inhabitants of Japan, Switzerland and Singapore, but the championship of Thailand can surprise many! Most people have the misconception that Thailand has no income other than tourism, and that technological progress and infrastructure does not exist here at all. In fact, everything is completely different from what we imagine.

Macroeconomics of Thailand

In all respects, Thailand has emerged from a number of "third world" countries and is, according to analysts, an upper middle income country and a rapidly developing economy. GDP growth worth looking at:

Thailand ranks second in Southeast Asia in terms of economic performance. Last year's GDP reached over $ 490 billion, while the number of the poor is rapidly declining.

Russian tourists, accustomed to the exoticism of Thailand, do not cease to be interested in when the country will open its borders and resume tourism from other countries. With winter and New Year approaching, the issue of recreation remains very relevant for Russians.

The main issues in modern realities are, of course, the epidemiological situation in other countries due to the coronavirus and the opening of borders for tourists to come on vacation and forget about everything, even for a short period of time.

When Thailand opens its borders to Russian tourists

At least until the second quarter of 2021, Thailand will not be open to mass classic tourism. This forecast from the Thai Minister of Sports and Tourism Pipat Ratchakit Prakan was published by The Tiger. As the publication comments, the minister's forecast "destroys all hope for a revival of tourism in the high season of 2020/2021" - most of all for the Christmas and New Year holidays, as well as during the Chinese New Year, which will fall on Friday, February 12 in 2021.

In the meantime, Thailand plans to receive tourists only with the help of a 60-day tourist visa and "multiple" quarantines, which virtually negates the entire potential tourist flow. At the same time, the struggling tourist industry, represented by the Hotel Association of Thailand and the Association of Travel Agents of Thailand, is trying to get the Thai government to abolish mandatory quarantine provisions and urgently negotiate a travel bubble with provinces in China and other countries that currently have a "low risk" for Covid-19. These include Singapore, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Taiwan. Russia is not yet among them.

However, the authorities ignore the requirements. At this stage, all tourism bubble plans have been suspended, Thai Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha is calling for caution regarding any massive relaxation of restrictions, the Kingdom's tourism minister said. "The 14-day quarantine will continue for now, as many countries are still affected by the pandemic," he said. Also, the Minister of Tourism said that China is not yet eager to release its tourists abroad.

Thailand wants to stop mass tourism

In the near future, Thailand intends to abandon mass tourism, limiting itself to visiting 8 million foreigners in 2021 (instead of 40 million) and maintaining this figure for the next few years. This was stated at a seminar in Bangkok by the head of the Thailand Tourism Authority (TAT) Yutthasak Suphason, Vesti reported. u.

According to him, this is done so that tourists no longer consider Thailand as an unsafe sexual destination, RIA Novosti reports.

"We will provide tourists with safety, hygiene, environmental sustainability and additional opportunities, focusing on the income from tourism," - said the head of TAT.

According to Suphason, in 2019, the average income per tourist reached THB 47,000 ($ 1,500), which is $ 100 less than before.

The Tourism Office is aiming to raise this figure to 62,000 Baht ($ 1990) over the next two years.

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