Unfavorable environmental factors and weakening of their influence

Environmental factors limiting tourism

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In the course of ecology, you can often come across two concepts - ecosystem and environment. Ecosystem [1] is understood as a set of living organisms and their modified habitat.

The ecological systems of one climatic zone are combined into biomes.

Biomes of Eurasia and North Africa Source

The collection of all ecosystems on the planet is called the biosphere.

By origin, there are two types of ecosystems:

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Monday December

Lecture Limiting factors

Different environmental factors are of different importance for living organisms.

A certain combination of conditions is necessary for the life of organisms. If all environmental conditions are favorable, with the exception of one, then this very condition becomes decisive for the life of the organism in question.

Limiting (limiting) factors are

1) any factors that inhibit population growth in the ecosystem; 2) environmental factors, the value of which greatly deviates from the optimum.

In the presence of optimal combinations of many factors, one limiting factor can lead to the suppression and death of organisms. For example, heat-loving plants die at negative air temperatures, despite the optimal content of nutrients in the soil, optimal humidity, illumination, and so on. Limiting factors are irreplaceable if they do not interact with other factors. For example, the lack of mineral nitrogen in the soil cannot be compensated for by an excess of potassium or phosphorus.

Limiting factors for terrestrial ecosystems:

- nutrients in the soil.

Limiting factors for aquatic ecosystems:

Under the influence of anthropogenic factors, the nature and climate of the Earth are constantly changing, while the world's reserves of fresh water, the total amount of oxygen in the atmosphere are rapidly decreasing, and the vital activity of flora and fauna is also disrupted.

  • Why the issue of solving environmental problems is especially relevant
  • Ways of solving

Levels of severity of the ecological situation

Ecologists distinguish 6 levels that characterize territories depending on the severity of the problems:

According to research by the Russian Institute of Geography, 15% of the country's territory is in a critical, crisis or catastrophic environmental situation.

This signals the need to take measures for the safe use of natural resources and conserve resources.

Ecology in Russia

A consequence of the state's technological development is environmental pollution. This negatively affects all the shells of the planet.

Main environmental threats in Russia:

Violation of ecological balance is a problem of humanity

With the development of industry and modern technologies around the world, the issue of disturbing the ecological balance has become acute. This problem has reached such a level that it is almost impossible to solve it. Unfortunately, much of what was destroyed cannot be restored.

Violation of the ecological balance between natural factors and human activity is a socio-ecological crisis. This means that the balance between the environment and society is disturbed. This situation can lead to the death of humanity.

The degree of ecological imbalance may vary. Pollution is the smallest damage that has been done to the environment. In this case, nature can deal with the problem itself. Within a certain time, she will restore balance, provided that humanity stops harming her.

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