The cleanest areas of the Moscow region

Hiking trails in the Moscow region

Increasingly, city dwellers choose not a beach holiday, but walking routes in the immediate vicinity. After all, the Moscow region presents great opportunities for any walks - you can get out for a few days with tents, sleeping bags and backpacks, you can go to the forests and fields for two or three days, or you can just walk to some nearby attraction. There are routes that will be of interest to children, and there are those that are specifically designed for schoolchildren.

Several well-thought-out multi-day and one-day tourist trails, with places for spending the night and rest, have been laid and marked in the Moscow region. There is not only ecological tourism. In the Moscow region there are many Orthodox shrines, a pilgrimage to which you can make a real pilgrimage, like a hundred years ago - on foot.

Top short eco-routes

If you want to take a leisurely walk without backpacks and tents, with a camera, and you have a small child, there are several very interesting and short routes around Moscow:

  • Altitude trail "Through the foliage". In the south of the Moscow region there is the famous Prioksko-Terrasny reserve, in which several ecological paths have been laid. The most unusual and shortest of them is not on the ground, but at a height of 8 meters and is laid right along the branches of the trees - this is how you can observe the monasteries of the park without disturbing them. It is absolutely safe, and also interactive: for example, you can listen to the birds singing in the recording. The length of the route is 200 m.
  • Eco-path to the Pushchinsky waterfall. A small but very interesting trail: the road starts from the Church of the Archangel Michael in Pushchino, runs along the banks of the Oka River past karst limestone outcrops with springs and cliffs, past the abandoned Pushchino estate, and ends with a real small waterfall. The route runs along a wooden path, there is an observation deck and information posters. The length of the route is 4 km.
  • "Russian Forest" - an ecological path in the Serpukhov region. This is a special forestry educational trail for schoolchildren. At its stops there are educational posters, along the way, there are plants listed in the Red Book. The length of the route is 1.4 km.
  • White weasel trail - an ecological trail in the village of Peresvet, Sergiev Posad region. The river through which it leads is called Kunya, and relatives of martens live here - weasels and numerous squirrels. The trail has been improved, there are recreation areas and information posters. The length of the route is 3.3 km.

One day route to the quarries

The hike to the Polushkinsky quarries is a popular and interesting route, which you can take your child with, runs through the Ruzsky district. Starts from the sanatorium. Herzen, on the territory of which the remains of the old estate of the Shcherbatovs are located, and goes to the quarries in which limestone was mined.

Now these are several picturesque quarries and clearings, five of them are mastered by tourists and have their own names, and the rest are half-abandoned. In the vicinity there are tent camps, speleologists and climbers conduct trainings. But you can not climb the steepest slopes, but just walk along these quarries, exploring them - there are quite safe small caves, remnants of engineering structures, springs, waterfalls and just picturesque piles of stones.

In the village of Vasilievskoye, not far from the quarries, the film “Squadron of Flying Hussars” was once filmed; now its attraction is the restored and functioning Church of the Resurrection of the Word of the early 18th century.

The length of the route is 7-12 km - you can return from the quarries back to the sanatorium, or you can call a taxi to the road near the quarries and leave to the Tuchkovo station.

Pilgrimage to the source in Talezh

In the village of Talezh is one of the most famous holy springs of the Moscow region - the source of St. David Serpukhovsky. Nearby is the Ascension Monastery; according to legend, the source appeared at the prayer of the founder of this monastery - St. David.

Hiking trails in the Moscow region

When purchasing an apartment in the Moscow region, many are guided not only by an attractive price, but also by the ecological situation. For many, remoteness from the capital is associated with the opportunity to "breathe deeply". Those who move here from other regions also try to choose the most ecologically safe territories. It is necessary to pay attention to the following factors:

  • Clean air. This includes the absence of a huge number of cars, the passage of a number of federal highways, the absence of a large number of industrial enterprises. Now Leningradka can be considered a dangerous area in this regard.
  • Pure water. Everyone knows that the Moskva River includes the entire periodic table, the same goes for the Klyazma. It is dangerous to eat fish from these reservoirs; it is not recommended to swim in such rivers. Water is not even suitable for technical purposes.
  • Landscaping and natural forest belts. At the moment, 40% of the area of ​​the Moscow region is occupied by green spaces or natural areas. Moreover, they are unevenly distributed.
The cleanest areas of the Moscow region

Before purchasing real estate or making a decision to rent an apartment, it is worthwhile to study in detail the ecologically clean areas of the Moscow region. It is advisable to go for a drive around the area, make sure that there are no dangerous industries. The absence of landfills for the disposal of household waste is more important, it is worth clarifying whether they are going to establish one in this area. Of course, it is better to obtain information not from the seller, but from third parties.

Rating and description

A good ecological situation is a definite plus for the city. Therefore, it also affects the cost. In the aggregate of infrastructure, remoteness from Moscow, the difference in price in cities can vary significantly.

Settlement Remoteness from Moscow Infrastructure Cost per sq. ... dintsovo 5 km At a high level RUB133,661 orolev 12 km At a high level 109 178 rub. Limovsk24 km Sufficient RUB 84 797 omodedovo 15 km Sufficient 101 255 rubles Rasnogorsk 4 km High level 142 937 rubles olitsyno 28 km At an average level 94 640 rubles. country36 km At an average level92 879 rubles. Ushkino 32 km Sufficient 96 933 rubles

The cities are ranked according to the ranking of the best environmental conditions in the region. Prices are presented at 27. 8. 020. The situation in the Moscow region is constantly changing, a processing plant can be built near one city, and a zone can be liquidated and planted with "useful" trees near another.

Odintsovo: all at once

The most surprising thing is that the city is in the top of the cleanest cities in the Moscow region, far from due to the lack of industrial enterprises. It is located in sufficient proximity to Moscow, there is a developed infrastructure, there are several industrial zones, and the Mozhaisk highway passes through Odintsovo.

The unique self-healing ecosystem helps to maintain a high level of air and water purity in the settlement. Odintsovo is surrounded by imposing natural and artificial forests, and in the village itself there are many green spaces. Thus, the city is becoming the best, both in terms of ecology and for investment, development, and business development. Of course, the cost of housing is high here, close to Moscow. But this is a profitable financial investment and a promising purchase. Features of Odintsovo:

  • A course on "Ecology" has been introduced in schools so that the younger generation appreciates the local nature and learns to use resources rationally.
  • The proximity of Podushinsky and Dubkovsky forests with trees "useful" for ecology.
  • There are many sanatoriums specializing in natural salt baths.

Korolev is a city in green

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