Specially protected natural areas in the Republic of Buryatia

Specially protected natural areas in the Republic of Buryatia

Nature reserves and national parks

(SPNA) specially protected natural areas, created for the preservation and restoration of unique and typical natural landscapes, varieties of plants and animals, reproduction and protection of cultural and natural heritage items, which are partially or completely excluded from economic use. These territories are specially protected, and on the covering plots of land and water bodies, protection districts or zones with a controlled charter of economic activity are sometimes created.

At present, the formed network of specially protected natural areas has been formed in the republic. The protected natural fund includes the following types of protected areas: national parks, natural monuments, natural state reserves, natural state reserves, health resorts and areas, formed from 3262.2 thousand hectares (from the territory of the Republic of 6.

The natural complexes of PAs today contain especially valuable and not greatly altered landscapes of the republic. Still, the existing networks of protected areas are too small for the thorough conservation of biological species and ecological systems. A special protection regime has been established for these types of land. They are excluded partially or completely from economic use, in order to preserve them. Most of the territory in the structure of this class of land consists of forests 1481.6 thousand hectares. Natural state reserves are located in five districts: in the Severo-Baikalsky region - Barguzinsky, its area is 374.3 thousand hectares; in Kurumkansky district - Dzherginsky - 238.1 thousand hectares; in the Dzhidinsky, Kabansky and Selenginsky districts - the Baikalsky reserve with an area of ​​165.7 thousand hectares is located. And also 2 national parks are located in the Republic of Buryatia: Barguzinsky with an area of ​​230.2 thousand hectares and Tunkinsky 1088.2 thousand hectares. Mainly in the territories related to Lake Baikal, recreational and health-improving lands occupy from 0.4 thousand hectares.

State Natural Biosphere Reserve

The reserve was created in 1916.

Address: index 671710, Severobaikalsky district, Nizhneangarsk village, Kozlova street 61. Tel. 30130) 51-992. Telephone number in Ulan-Ude: 44-17-24.

Located on the western side of the Barguzinsky ridge, on Lake Baikal, on the east-north side. The reserve received biosphere status in 1986. Its area is 374 thousand hectares. The core of the reserve is 248 thousand hectares, the biosphere polygon - 111 thousand hectares, the water area of ​​Lake Baikal occupies 15 thousand hectares. The position of the director of the reserve is occupied by Gennady Andreevich Yankus.

The Barguzinsky Biosphere Reserve is located on the western side of the Barguzinsky Ridge, on the shores of the lake. Baikal from the east-north side. In 1916, a reserve was created in order to restore the number of sable individuals. Biosphere status was awarded in 1986. For the biosphere polygon, a territory was allocated in the area of ​​the reserve, as well as for the core zone and for plots of partial economic exploitation. Reservoirs here occupy 17083 hectares, of which a three-kilometer strip in the area of ​​Lake Baikal occupies 15000 hectares. The reserve is home to 243 species of birds, 2 species of amphibians, 39 species of mammals and 4 - reptiles. The reserve has such permanent residents as: Baikal seal, sable, stone grouse nutcracker, hazel grouse, squirrel, elk, reindeer, bear, wolf, fox, lynx, Siberian weasel.

State Natural Biosphere Reserve "Baikalsky"

It was created in 1969. The territory of the reserve is located on the southern shore of Lake Baikal. Acquired biosphere status in 1986. An ecological educational route has been prepared on the Osinovka River. The area of ​​the reserve occupies 165,700 hectares, of which 12,100 hectares are occupied by the Kabansky reserve.

The State Baikal Nature Reserve (Kabansky District) is located on the southern side of Lake Baikal, and runs along the center of the Khamar-Daban ridge. It is located on the territories of the Dzhida, Selenginsky and Kabansky districts of the republic. It was created in 1969. Its area covers 165,724 hectares, of which 1,552 hectares are reservoirs. From the central section of the Baikalsky reserve, 170 km, is located at the mouth of the Selenga river, federal significance Kabansky state reserve, which belongs to the reserve as a structural unit. The animal habitat of the reserve is similar to that of the mountain-south-taiga. A large stock of the gene pool of wild animals and plants is protected in the reserve and reaches 2,000 known species of lower and higher plants, 350 species of vertebrates, and 1,500 invertebrates. Rare and endangered species of plants and animals are found here, there are 60 species of plants, and 40 animals. The astral world of the reserve has up to 800 species of higher plants, 260 species of birds and 49 species of mammals, which are represented by the fauna of terrestrial vertebrates. The Baikalsky Reserve is a pillar of the ecological structure of Eurasia and is aimed at protecting populations and natural biological diversity. The management plan was prepared by the reserve for 2001-2005, it is planned to massively involve the public and representatives of a certain class of the population in the general management of natural resources in the area of ​​common interests of the reserve and the local community, known as the zone of cooperation.

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