Silver springs, French parks

Silver springs, French parks

Save and Restore

Mordovian State Natural Reserve named after PG Smidovich can be jokingly called "river", there are so many forest rivers intricately flowing into each other. Basically, they are all small and flow into the larger Moksha. Here you can touch the history, feel its spirit, imagine how the first settlers took care of the forest, manually digging ditches in wetlands and canals between rivers and Inorskoye Lake. Now one of the main tasks of the reserve is the organization of ecological educational tourism, namely the creation of ecological paths, the arrangement of recreation sites for tourists.

Smolny National Park sets itself similar tasks. It includes many beautiful significant natural sites, such as Oak Lakes, pine forests, springs (Nikanorov, Kuznal and others). Every year, the park's employees are improving methods of protecting the territory, restoring the ecosystem and historical landscapes, and educating the population about environmental issues.

Unique natural places are located in the natural park "Kumysnaya Polyana". It is located near Saratov, on the Lysogorsk plateau and its slopes. There are many springs and hills on the territory. For example, Malinovy, Serebryany springs, Pioneer peak and Savelievsky mountains are widely known. The park is also engaged in forestry.

A number of the most beautiful parks in the region were founded after 1812 with the participation of French prisoners. Among them - the City Park of Culture and Recreation. M. Gorky in Saratov, Atkarsky city park. They are built in the best traditions of French parks. Atkarskiy park also houses local history and art and ethnographic museums.

The history of the creation of the Marfinsky Park is interesting. Count Silvan Korevitsky was its ideological inspirer and main developer. The main alley, according to legend, is planted in the form of the Korevitsky family monogram: a curved letter "K". The park was surrounded by water on all sides, in the center there was a gazebo. The landowner's relations with the peasants were so good that even during the revolution of 1905-1907. he was not touched. Unfortunately, after the First World War, where the landowner was called up, his traces were lost, the manor was dilapidated, the park was desolate. But a few years ago, a new life of the park began, it was cleaned and ennobled so that it would please the townspeople again.

Aleksandrovsky Park in Ulyanovsk can be an example of modern landscape design. It was built in 2007, it is stylized as a European town, moreover, it is combined with the five-star Imperial Club Deluxe hotel and has its own nice beach.

Relax and recover

If you want to improve your health, there are various sanatoriums at your service. The level of comfort, service, various interesting activities and, of course, unique natural landscapes are good reasons to visit. For example, the sanatorium "Moksha" is located on the banks of the river, on the basis of mineral springs. Exclusive health promotion programs are interesting there; it often becomes a venue for business seminars, conferences, etc.

The name "Alatyr" seems to have come from Russian fairy tales, and this is by no means accidental. After all, the place is truly magical. This name belongs to three objects at once: a river, a national park and a sanatorium. The park in which the sanatorium is located belongs to a specially protected area, it is very picturesque and ecologically clean. In the sanatorium you can undergo a course of treatment, relax or hold a corporate event.

The Nadezhda sanatorium is located 25 km from the capital of the republic, Saransk. The uniqueness of its location is in proximity on the one side of a deciduous forest with wild nature, on the other - the Suzgar reservoir with an abundance of fish and floodplain meadows. In addition, the sanatorium offers excursions to local attractions, for example, to the Cathedral of the Holy Righteous Theodore Ushakov, to the world-famous Mordovian Republican Museum of Fine Arts named after I. SD Erzya and so on.

"Varzi-Yatchi" is a modern medical and diagnostic complex of the highest category, its first mention dates back to the 1840s.

It is located on the banks of the Bolshaya Varzi River, 150 kilometers from Izhevsk. The territory has a bioclimatic passport, which confirms the natural uniqueness and the possibility of climatotherapy and climate prevention of diseases. And next to Samara, in the middle of a century-old pine forest, there is the Tsiolkovsky sanatorium, where the main healing factors are oxygenated coniferous air and the Kondurcha river. Unique techniques and European technical equipment help to use natural resources wisely.

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