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Ecological Tourism Base Tretniki, Tretniki Village, Old Selo - reviews of vacationers, pros and cons

Name: Oleg Rating: 8.3 out of 10 Staff are friendly, friendly (administrator, waitresses, cook, maid, technician). Cons: Country road 3-3. km from the asphalt to the base did not cause delight, although this, apparently, is not in the competence of the base: the road leads to the villages of Staroye Selo and Tretniki, that is, in theory, it is municipal. The road is passable, sandy and rocky typical for the Seliger region. For the UAZ-Patriot - not a problem, I did not go by car. At the base itself (and its territory is huge), the main road is covered with fine gravel. But you really have to do something with the cow parsnip. You cannot mow it manually, maybe a self-propelled mower and a tractor driver in protective equipment. The road to the beach (it is really narrow) is partly a little swampy, I would also cover the track with gravel. We walked around the entire territory, an aluminum boat MKM (Yaroslavka, 4.1 m) can be lowered only on the beach, but there is a steep descent, they did not dare to descend to the water on the sand, they used a winch. After the Seliger was shallowed by 1-1.5 m, the berth is unsuitable for mooring an aluminum boat (high, with large stones at the bottom). Suitable for an inflatable boat. In one of the rooms, the duplex TV did not work, the second TV was operational. suites: Food is good, there is a tea table. But it would be nice to have an electric kettle in the room. The bathroom is good, there is always hot water. In bad weather or after the lake, you can turn on the heaters in the bathroom and rooms. Billiards, tennis - arranged. Pillows, blankets are comfortable. But the Seliger weather is such that it is better to equip the boat with an awning for long journeys on the lake (15-20-25 km). In a downpour on the water, neither pea jackets nor cloaks were saved (previously, such a torrential rain did not fall, probably, such a year). In the photo - movement along the Berezovsky reach from the base, behind the dog is a peninsula, the whole end of which is occupied by the base. Covered parking for several cars is convenient. The gates of the base are closed at night, I have not seen a single stranger at the base in a week. The shore of the inner bay on the southern side of the peninsula (where the beach of the base is) is occupied by private estates and some other base, there is calm water, in the evening on the opposite shore, autumn is beautifully illuminated. The northern coast of the peninsula (where the base is located) goes to the Berezovsky reach, which is known to be navigable. In the distance, on the other side, there are camp sites for tourists with picturesque campfire smoke after rain. In general, I liked the accommodation at the base, I will try to come again, perhaps again this year (in September).

Name: Sergey Rating: 9.2 out of 10 Nature. Cons: Unkempt territory. Beach and boat ramp in one place. The place for swimming is not equipped. Pros: Nature. Air. Lake. The attitude of the staff. Cleanliness in the room. Good food.

Name: Arsen Rating: 10 out of 10 Everything was great, and three meals a day, clean air, ... Cons: The only negative is an invincible hogweed. It was scary to let the little dog go. suites: Everything was great, and three meals a day, clean air, staff attitude, friendliness, living conditions. We lived in a separate summer house with all the amenities, and even heating, as we were a little unlucky with the weather. The road is almost asphalt to the very base, only the last 3 km. I had to drive along a country road, but even on a crossover there were no problems.

Name: Vladimir Rating: 7.1 out of 10 Not a bad location, perfect for fishing. Cons: It seems to me that there are 2 main disadvantages: 1. There is no kettle in the summer house, as a result, in order to drink tea, you need to go to the dining room-restaurant, which is not very convenient, especially in bad weather. ... Barbecue can only be done in special places that are located far enough from the summer houses. What prevents you from installing stationary barbecues next to each house. in. Moreover, the houses have an excellent veranda, on which it would be very convenient in good weather, overlooking the lake to eat barbecue and drink tea. suites: Not a bad location, it is perfect for fishing. A large territory, there is where children run, play football, badminton ... They feed normally, you can not take a lot with you, there is enough, but there is no choice of dishes.

Name: Polina Rating: 7.5 out of 10 I liked the place itself, away from the highway. Cons: Uncomfortable sofas. It is impossible to sleep on them. Well, the road to the base leaves much to be desired ... the chance to leave the suspension on such a road is great))) Pros: I liked the place itself, far from the highway. Peace and quiet. The restaurant served homemade food.

Name: Olga Rating: 9.2 out of 10 Separate entrance to each room, the restaurant feeds the truth ... Pros: Separate entrance to each room, the restaurant is really tasty and home-style, the cottages are located at a distance from each other friend, other vacationers were met only in the restaurant, great, only you, nature and silence. will definitely come again

Ecological Tourism Base Tretniki Staroye Selo - room rates

Name: Anastasia Rating: 9.2 out of 10 + Administrator Irina is a wonderful woman, very friendly, ... Minuses: - Hogweed .... almost all over the territory…. we have to fight ..- The access road from the highway, we did not get on the washed-out road after the rain, but even so these 2.5 km ... of course you can drive (we drove 8 times, did some sightseeing) if you have a car with a low clearance, think ... On the territory near the large buildings it really smelled of sewage (we lived in a separate house, far from the sewer, there was no smell) - About the house, the steep staircase to the second floor (there are bedrooms), we overlooked this moment when booking the woman, very friendly, can help with any request. The location of the base - on both sides - water, very quiet. Delicious Hearty Food + Pets Allowed

Name: Boris Score: 3.8 out of 10 Wasted time and money. Cons: Basically, there is nothing to like there. There is no access to the lake water, everything is overgrown with grass. port equipment, boats, etc. expensive. When booking a room through booking. om provided a deliberately false description of the premises provided. I booked a duplex, i.e. a separate entrance and a separate view, but in fact it turned out that this is an ordinary room on the second floor of a building with a door from the room to the corridor. I had to move to a cottage, while the recalculation was categorically refused by the owner of the base! I will not categorically recommend this base to anyone. It's my pleasure. Lucy: Nothing. Made a mistake choosing this base.

Reviews about Ecological Tourism Base Tretniki Starye Selo

Hotel Base of Ecological Tourism Tretniki

The recreation center "Ecological tourism Tretniki" is located in the village of Staroye Selo. It features a restaurant, bar and shared lounge. All rooms have cable TV and a private bathroom. The hotel has family rooms.

Each hotel room has a wardrobe. All rooms are equipped with a refrigerator.

A continental breakfast is served daily at Baza Tretniki Hotel.

The area around Stroye Selo is popular for hiking and other outdoor activities.

Tourist information can be obtained at the reception of the Tretniki Ecological Tourism Base Hotel.

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