Resorts of the Canary Islands: the splendor of nature and decent infrastructure

Ecotourism on the islands

Ecotourism can be considered one of the best inventions of tourism marketing, because it is in this case of recreation that all participants in the process benefit, even nature, which has the main role in this play. Our planet turned out to be not as big as it was thought earlier, today a person can get to almost any corner of the globe, if he had money and equipment. Therefore, it is not so surprising that protected places have become popular, their existence is now of rare value.

In the most general sense, camping with tents on the shore of the nearest lake, after which people were able to remove the traces of their stay in nature, can also be ranked as ecotourism. However, here we are talking about more exotic and specific forms of ecotourism, when a person manages to live for some time in the most natural environment, learn about his natural roots, the connection that still holds humanity and nature together. It is on the remote islands that the transition from civilization to natural existence occurs much more intensively. The solitude of these places, their isolation from the life of the continents allows you to preserve the unusual atmosphere of primordiality.


The first place where you can find an ecotourism paradise is Borneo - the third largest island on Earth. There is a huge mountain Kinabalu, and around it - wild places, taken under the protection of the state.

This virtually unexplored and uninhabited national park, consisting of woody jungles and winding river flows, is home to thousands of species of animals, birds and rare plants that have not yet experienced problems due to human activity.

People, however, also live on the territory of the Bornean reserve, as their ancestors lived for tens of hundreds of years. These are indigenous tribes that go through the stage of the communal system in their development. They live in long tree houses built for the entire tribe. Those who know how to use lighters, love hamburgers and prefer vehicles can only get to the national park along an ecotourism trail, leaving behind all the benefits of civilization.


On the Japanese island of Iriomote, ninety percent of the territory is considered a national park, where dozens of rare species of animals live. The ecosystem of the famous mangrove swamps, which have disappeared almost everywhere in the world, is actively supported here.

Travelers who reach the wild coast of Iriomote will enjoy the most natural emotions that arise in a person surrounded by unusual wild forests teeming with a variety of life.

Iriomote is especially rich in reptile species (here you can see lizards up to half a meter long), as well as meet a unique forest cat. There are several fishing villages on the coast, where the indigenous people of Iriomote live, the rest of the island is not inhabited, so the best way to move along it is the river, when you need to climb in a boat up the narrow river channels between the mangroves. Doesn't it sound very exotic?


Ecotourism on the islands

The picturesque Canary Islands that adorn the Atlantic Ocean, although they are part of Spain, differ from Europe in their atmosphere, making them popular among fans of exotic holidays. The magnificent Canary Islands attract tourists with an ideal climate, green valleys, volcanic beaches, tropical nature and ancient attractions.

Overview of the archipelago

Spain's Canary Islands are located in the Atlantic Ocean, next to the African coast. The archipelago consists of seven large and several small islands, among which Tenerife stands out. Previously, the great powers fought for possession over the Canaries, but success in this matter was entrenched in the Spaniards. Since 1982, the Canary Islands are considered an autonomous region, part of the European Union under special conditions.

The islands are washed by the Atlantic Ocean, and the African state of Morocco is the closest neighbors. One of the interesting features is the inconstancy of the capital. Once every four years, the status of the capital is transferred from Santa Cruz de Tenerife to Las Malmas de Gran Canaria and vice versa. Illegal migration is considered the main problem in the region, first to the islands and then to the mainland of the European Union.

The weather in the archipelago is influenced by the tropical trade wind climate. The eastern islands are drier due to the heat and sand that blowing winds from Africa bring. The swimming season lasts all year round, but the best time to fly to the archipelago is in late spring or early autumn. The largest island, due to the peculiarities of the climate, is called the place of eternal spring.

How to get to resorts from different CIS countries

The Canary Islands are connected with Russia only by air. There are regular flights from Moscow to Tenerife and Gran Canaria with transfers in Germany, Belgium, Spain, Czech Republic or Austria. The fastest way to get there is via Madrid in ten hours. Flights from Moscow to Lanzarote Island through a number of European cities. In the high season, charter flights appear, which operate a direct flight from the main large cities of the domestic state.

Residents of Ukraine and Belarus from Kiev, Minsk will get to the archipelago through Berlin, Munich, Moscow, Brussels, Madrid, Prague, but the fastest flight will be through the Spanish capital. In these CIS countries, there are also options for direct charter flights during the peak season.

The organization of tours using cruise ships is considered quite popular. The journey often starts in Spain, Greece and some other countries. This is an expensive pleasure that will bring amazing emotions and experiences.

Seaside resorts in the Canary Islands

Hospitable Tenerife is the largest island in the archipelago. Local resorts are known for a variety of entertainment, suitable for families and young people. Tenerife is interesting for its Loro Parque, which consists of a zoo, a botanical garden, an oceanarium and a dolphinarium. Thanks to the climate and volcanic sand, tourists come here to recuperate.

Gran Canaria attracts travelers with large tourist centers, hotels, shops, restaurants, amusement parks, boat trips, fishing, skydiving and the legendary Maspalomas Dunes.

Fuerteventura is second only to Tenerife in terms of territory. Paradise is the oldest in the Canary archipelago. There are no discos and nightclubs in Fuerteventura; families with children and surfing fans love to come here.

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