Protected places

Protected places

Self-isolation is over, but our plans for an overseas summer vacation have remained in quarantine. But is it as scary as it sometimes seems to lovers of distant sea coasts?

Look inward

Our people love to travel, oh they love it! Catalonia, the coast of Hellas, the beaches of the former Byzantium and the Kingdom of Naples, resorts in Bali, Cuba and Vietnam - everything has already been circled. Special gourmets from tourism get to Peru with Australia, look at Antarctica. But did they manage to take their children to Ruza and Gzhel, show them the crane land, or wander around Zvenigorod together? Sometimes it is very useful to look inward - not only to the depths of your own soul, but also to your native land.

“There are a lot of places in the Moscow region where you can have a good time and enjoy nature,” says Governor Andrei Vorobyov. - Our region is unique in terms of tourism. There are more than 6 thousand objects of cultural heritage here: estates, temples, museums and monuments of federal significance. We develop event-driven, cultural, educational, gastronomic, ecotourism. We are waiting for everyone to visit in the suburbs! "

Ecotourism in the Moscow region is gaining momentum - new interesting programs and projects appear. Four of them were sent to the All-Russian competition for the creation of tourist and recreational clusters and the development of ecotourism. Ruza Zapovednaya, Ecosystem “Gzhel Tier”, “Crane Territory”, “Zvenigorodsky Vector” - each of these projects will open the nearby places from a new side.

The regional government says that participation in the competition was dictated not so much by the desire to win prizes, but by the desire to provide the townspeople with an opportunity to plunge into the peace of clean fields, forests and meadows.

There are already a lot of ecotourism lovers who are attracted by the Moscow region - “eco-electricians” take them to the most protected areas. And, according to Natalya Galkina, the head of the Moscow Region Committee for Tourism with the rank of minister, this tourist destination will become even more popular over time.

“Many Muscovites and residents of the Moscow region are tired of city life,” she says. - They want to go out into nature more often, breathe clean air. The Moscow region is perfect for the implementation of new eco-projects. Therefore, we invite investors, enthusiasts, entrepreneurs for cooperation. We want to offer our tourists more options for ecological recreation ”.

Under the Stars of Ruza

The Ruzsky urban district is one of the greenest and cleanest corners of the Moscow region. There are 17 specially protected natural areas here, and the total coastline of water bodies is 200 km. The Okrug is the leader in terms of the number of water bodies and the area of ​​forests. Rest in Ruza is one of the best options for lovers of clean air and green peace, as well as fishermen, mushroom pickers and berry hunters.

Protected places


February 6, 2021 - Requirements: The presence of the diploma of the captain, the captain-mechanic (river documents, GIMS), the presence of an active medical commission, foreign. passport, Schengen visa. At least 5 years of experience as a captain, knowledge of English is desirable. Ownership level.

At work, an ordinary person who is neither a relative of Rockefeller, nor himself, spends most of his life. And even if this work does not require constant being in the office, sooner or later a critical point comes when fatigue rolls over, hands give up and the question arises very sharply: what, in fact, is the meaning of my activity and what does it bring personally for me? <

This is exactly the case when the hackneyed phrase "Happiness is not in money" takes on quite real outlines. And let the one with whom this has never happened, the first to throw a stone at me.

So what do you do now? Drop everything and start over? Or still find some other, less radical solution? In my opinion, this is quite possible, if you only slightly change your approach to the aforementioned issue.

I am not my job

So, let's say you write an article (or do some other work) and offer it to a customer. You worked day and night and day. And during the breaks, you pondered the essence of the problem, rummaged through the Internet and even (just imagine!) In print media. And now the deadline has come. The button was pressed, the letter was sent.

But there is no answer. No day and no three. You write to the customer. Finally, you get a short reply: "Your job is not suitable." What are you doing? Most likely, the first thought that comes to your mind is: "I'm a bad specialist."

This is not it! You may not be perfect. But that's not the point. The client has hundreds of other reasons to refuse you: the wrong style of presentation, the wrong concept, or the task has completely lost its relevance. Not everyone is willing to spend their time trying to explain all this to you.

What to do?

Find a use for your work, if possible, and stop stigmatizing yourself. Everyone has a lot to develop. But this does not mean at all that already now you are not valuable.

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