On the border of Europe and Asia

Ecological tourism in the Urals

Dear friends, we invite you to spend a wonderful weekend in the historic old Ural village of Ust-Utka, hike up to the Omutnaya stone, take a master class on cooking camp food, developed

Dear friends! Give yourself a trip to childhood! We invite you to make an amazing trip that will remain in your memory for a long time!

Friends, we invite you to hike around the outskirts of Yekaterinburg. We will visit the southern outskirts of the city within the Chabrov line Here we will find many interesting natural monuments and beautiful abandoned quarries.

Friends, we are glad to offer you a new program. We go to Nizhne-Serginsky district, where we will visit the wonderful old Ural national village Arakaevo, which is near Mikhailovsk.

Friends, we are going to Artinsky district. Ecological weekend tour. Every year a wonderful event takes place in Artyah - an international mowing tournament.

Friends! Finally, the long-awaited summer came to us, berries began to ripen, meadow grasses began to bloom. We invite you to spend a day off in the ecologically clean Artinsky region.

Dear friends, we invite you to spend your day off with friends! Nothing brings together like overcoming small obstacles together, mutual assistance and team spirit!

Dear friends, we invite you to visit our weekend program. We will visit beautiful, ecologically clean places of Pervouralsky and Shalinsky districts.

Dear friends, we will make a wonderful trip that will fill you with strength, new impressions and a charge of strength.

Friends, we invite you on a wonderful weekend trip.

The city of Irbit is famous for its museums, the expositions of which will impress even the most sophisticated visitor.

"SPRINGS of Nizhneserginsky region + Excursion to the DEER STREAMS" + lunch in a cafe.


Digoria immersion in a fairy tale: description

80% of the region's population lives in cities. How can ecologically clean territories be preserved in such a region? Only through the efforts of caring people, thanks to the work of employees of national parks and recreation centers and the support of the state.

Hiking in protected areas

The conditional geographical border of Europe and Asia passes through the Taganay National Park. Conservation of nature here is an important task, because one of the centers of mining and metallurgy in the country is located nearby, so Taganay is an attempt to preserve what is left of the “face of nature”. And quite successful, because according to the status of ecological systems, the park is a benchmark in terms of the current state of landscapes characteristic of the mountain-forest zone of the Southern Urals. Trails for tourists are laid in places that allow you to find a lot of interesting things for yourself. For example, excursions to Black Mountain, Stone River, to the Center of the Garnet Crown, etc.

Another national park, Zyuratkul, is a natural place where the level of development of ecotourism and accessibility for self-planning is surprisingly high. There are as many as 9 (!) Tourist routes on the territory of the national park, which, if desired, can be explored on the website, and 2 excursions. And this is not taking into account other entertainment programs. Why do you need to go here? First of all, for the sake of Lake Zyuratkul, known as the "Ural Ritsa". But there are also outlier rocks, an elm grove, the picturesque Kalagaza River and much more.

If you are looking for an active holiday, then the sports and tourist complex "Sopka" is what you need. "Sopka" is an elevation with a developed network of roads, paths and lakes, where fishing is flourishing. It is almost never quiet here, various competitions and festivals take place (the White Nights Muravlenko festival, the Icebreaker rock festival, the Best Ukha culinary festival). In addition, experienced and novice snowboarders flock here in winter.


Lake Turgoyak is of tectonic origin, and, according to scientists, it is 15 million years old. Exciting, isn't it? Here, on the island of Vera, a whole complex of archaeological monuments was discovered (there are several dozen): dolmens, tombs, quarries, megalith, their age is about 6 thousand years. The lake is also called “the younger brother of Baikal” because of the same purity. It is surrounded by mountains covered with pine forests and its surroundings are admirable.

Another lake in the South Urals - Lake. Uvildy with clear water. Its shores are diverse: in the north it has numerous bays and is divided into peninsulas and islands, in the west - mountains, and in the east - a plain. The lake has medicinal properties, radon springs and sapropel mud were found nearby. Therefore, there are 78 health resorts on the bank of Uvilda. Speaking about lakes, it is necessary to mention the natural monument Itkul, which is called the “second Turgoyak”. One of the main features of this lake, which has a religious significance for the indigenous people, is the Shaitan stone. The Stone Town is also interesting. There are enough recreation centers, but there are also quite non-standard ones. So, in the tent camp "Vita" they live according to the customs of the ancient Slavs.

Healing Springs

Sanatorium "Siberia" is the largest health resort in the West Siberian region, located near Tyumen in a picturesque pine-birch forest. Here, thanks to sapropelic mud from the ecologically clean Tulubaevo lake and mineral waters, the hidden reserves of the body are activated. Like Siberia, the Taraskul rehabilitation center is located on the shores of Lake Maly Taraskul, 23 km from Tyumen. The nature around is a mixed forest with a predominance of pines.

The main value of the Ingala SPA hotel is in its outdoor thermal pool. It has a long range of advantages over many medicinal springs: you can take water procedures all year round, the composition of the water is recognized as the best in the entire West Siberian region. In addition, there is a well-developed infrastructure, which includes camping (now this is a real trend), the Sosnovy Bor winter sports center, as well as comfortable and cozy wooden cottages on the territory.

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