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Somewhere very far, between Australia and Antarctica, among the waters of the Pacific Ocean, there is a real dream of any traveler - New Zealand. The beauty of this land is simply impossible to describe in words. No, even the most expressive epithets can convey what New Zealand is.


Detailed program

DAY Auckland

Auckland is the largest and most famous metropolis in the country. We meet you at the Auckland airport. We check into the hotel and go to explore the city. Then we will have a picnic on Mount Victoria, from where the most beautiful views of the bay and the city open up!

DAY Auckland

After free time in the morning, we will begin our journey around the North Island. The scenic drive to the Coromandel Peninsula will take about 3 hours.

This day we will visit Hot Water Beach - a unique place where underground hot springs form natural pools with hot water.

Everyone can dig their own private hot tub in the sand to relax and watch the sunset overlooking the Pacific Ocean while steam from the hot pool envelops you.

DAY Cathedral Cove

In the morning we will walk a very pleasant track to Cathedral Bay, where the Chronicles of Narnia movie was filmed. This beach is considered the most popular beach in New Zealand. The bay is one of the most beautiful places on the North Island.

Heading inland to explore new places!

Polar Ural: hike climbing to g

Tour by car "Southern Ring"

Tour by car "Northern Opening"

Two Islands Tour

Winter Holidays!

The Lord of the Rings Tour

Auckland, Queenstown, Christchurch, Dunedin.

More than 30,000 students from around the world come to New Zealand every year, primarily to learn English. They are attracted by quality education and a high standard of living with relatively low costs of education and living (on average 20-25% lower than in the UK). "Summer" New Zealand holidays last 6 weeks - from December to mid-January, after which a new school year begins.

As a rule, foreign children are admitted to high school, but some private boarding schools also accept children from 12-13 or even 5 years old (for example, Strathallan School & College, a private educational institution in Auckland ). True, according to the law, one of the parents must live in the country with a child under 13 years old.

Those wishing to travel to New Zealand for a study program lasting less than three months receive an ordinary tourist visa, while those whose program exceeds this period need a separate student visa, for which they will have to undergo a medical examination. It will take about three months to obtain such a visa. Holders of student visas are eligible for visitor visas for their family members. The approximate cost of English language courses in New Zealand is from 230 NZD per week, the cost of high school tuition is from 8000 NZD per year, at the university - about 10,000 NZD per year.

New Zealand is famous for its gorgeous nature - geysers, mountains and lakes, forests and grottoes, glaciers and beaches. A well-developed environmental movement makes it possible to preserve all this splendor in an almost pristine state, even in areas of large cities. In addition to the most beautiful unique nature and rich "excursion", the country has another very significant plus in the eyes of a certain category of tourists - the well-deserved title of the homeland of extreme and active tourism.

Tourists come here who have visited many places and want to see something special. A separate group of travelers is "extreme". The income level is above average: the flight is expensive, and tours to the country are often combined with a visit to Australia; all this is not cheap.

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The Pacific Ocean, warm climate, mountains, fjords - all this led to the emergence of extraordinary landscapes on this island state, which amaze guests of the country with their picturesqueness. That is why more and more tourists, not afraid of the distance, go to admire the beauty of New Zealand.

What exactly can this distant and mysterious country offer its guests? Some of the most popular resorts in New Zealand include Wellington, the capital of the island state, Auckland, Rotorua, Christchurch, Queenstown and Dunedin.

It is useful to know that almost the entire territory of New Zealand is covered with mountains and hills. The hottest time of the year, which is typical for all countries of the southern hemisphere, is winter. In January and February, the thermometer scale can rise to 27-30 degrees. It is much colder in the mountains, the snow lies there for a long time, so New Zealand is also suitable for winter lovers. New Zealand has two official languages ​​- English and Maori, but the vast majority of the local population speaks English as their first language.


The capital of New Zealand, Wellington, is located in a picturesque place on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, on one side it is washed by a bay, on the other - it is supported by a mountain range. This is far from the largest city in the state, on the map it has a very elongated shape, it reaches only two kilometers in length, so you can reach absolutely any point on foot.

Wellington is not only the political but also the cultural capital of New Zealand. The density of attractions in this city is very high, here you can visit the Royal New Zealand Ballet, the Opera House, the National School of Dance, the National Museum "Te Papa", as well as listen to the symphony orchestra. The architectural complex of the New Zealand Parliament deserves special attention, it includes three buildings made in three different styles - neoclassical (main building), modernist (executive wing) and Gothic (library).


New Zealand's largest city, Auckland, is often referred to as the city of sails. It stretches on a narrow isthmus between two bays, and is home to the largest port in New Zealand, which receives a huge number of ships - hence the city's second name. The largest airport in the island state is also located here, which is the departure point for many tours around the country, so Auckland can rightfully be considered the gateway to New Zealand.

This city is also famous for its parks, which are large in Auckland, and they occupy a large area - Victoria Park, Western Park, Oakland Domain, Myers, Albert Park.


Rotorua is located approximately two hundred kilometers from Auckland. This city was specially built to organize a resting place there, and therefore it is located in a truly amazing place - on the shores of Lake Rotorua of the same name. This small, quiet town is surrounded by unspoiled nature. The real attraction of this place is the purest reservoirs - a paradise for fans of fishing.



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