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1. Unitary Enterprise "UK SPECTRUM" 665685, Irkutsk region, Nizhneilimsky district, rp. Novaya Igirma, quarter 3, d. 31 Production of steam and hot water (heat energy) by boiler houses Head - Tugarinova Nelia Nikolaevna 2. P "Housing and communal services 2015" 666659, Irkutsk region, Ust-Ilimsky district, settlement Nevon, st. Keulskaya, 9Production of steam and hot water (heat energy) by boiler houses Head - Tugarinova Nelya Nikolaevna 3. PA "RAILWAY MANAGEMENT" 666660, Irkutsk region, Ust-Ilimsk district, rp. Railway, st. Hospital, 1Production, transmission and distribution of steam and hot water; air conditioning Head - Tugarinova Nelya Nikolaevna 4. PO "VIKHOREVSKOE MANAGEMENT" 665771, Irkutsk region, Bratsk district, Vikhorevka, st. Dokovskaya, 22A Consulting on commercial activities and management Head - Tugarinova Nelya Nikolaevna 5. PA "SANTEKHARMATURA" 664043, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, Ryabikova boulevard, 43/2 Production of cast iron, steel and ferroalloys Head - Tugarinova

3 organizations linked through the founders of LLC "CET" BAIKAL-ECO "

1. PA TC "BAIKAL-ECO" 664002, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, st. Maria Ulyanova, 9, apt. 62 Activities of travel agencies Head and founder - Zhilinsky Alexander Ivanovich 2. PA "SMC" 665813, Irkutsk region, Angarsk, st. Karl Marx, d. 40 Head and founder - Alexander Ivanovich Zhilinsky 3. "BAIKAL - ECO" 664003, Irkutsk region, Irkutsk, st. Karl Marx, 19 a Head and founder - Zhilinsky Alexander Ivanovich Founder - Sapronova Evgeniya Alexandrovna

2 entrepreneurs related to LLC "CET" BAIKAL-ECO "

7 best excursions in Alushta and its surroundings

When a horse is stolen from you, the power of grief is difficult to measure. But the most disgusting thing about stealing is not even pain due to the loss or death of a beloved animal (not all horses are friends, they also steal from meat herds). Theft is dangerous to others. For example, in Orthodox monasteries, theft, even the smallest, was never forgiven. Those who were caught stealing were expelled in shame. Because unbelief settled among the brethren along with the thief. Theft destroys faith in people. Makes you suspect, condemn, provokes bad thoughts about others. Loss of faith is considered the most destructive event for a person. Therefore, stealing was a very terrible sin.

But back to the current reality. When you analyze the discussion of this problem, you see a very uncomplicated situation - this is a traditional thieves' trade. No more, no less. Moreover, it is not difficult enough in comparison with other "specializations" - cars, apartments, people. For example, unlike cars, you do not need to have special technical knowledge, go through all the documentation and databases in order to sell a car. The traffic police need not be afraid, because the stolen horse does not have to be driven along the road. They are looking for cattle thieves mainly by prehistoric methods - following the tracks, according to rumors, according to advertisements. The methods of protecting animals from theft are also poor - it's good if it's a watchman in a stable or a shepherd in a field. But the main reason for the survivability of horse-stealing is the presence of demand - meat is now in price. And for an animal without documents and a veterinary certificate, they ask for a small amount, so some buyers are ready to risk their reputation and break the law. Do not discount the special cases of those who like to replenish their refrigerator with horsemeat for free. Although at the present time in Russia the factors restraining horse stealing are poorly visible, but they are. then, firstly, the prevention of theft. In our arsenal, thanks to new technologies, quite effective methods have appeared. The second point that can be influenced is the demand for stolen horse meat. The work of dealers and illegal collection points can be made difficult. For this it is useful to know the thief by sight. And don't be silent. They say that all crimes in the world are committed with our tacit consent.

February g Photo story Morning on Lake Baikal

February g How to control a horse at large

Today's technology gives us the ability to track the whereabouts of a horse. And also the speed of its movement, the duration of stops, the direction of movement. The most popular type of device for tracking movements and locating objects is called trackers (from the English tracker - "spy"). The general scheme of operation of these devices is as follows - a transmitter is attached to the animal. Its value depends on the model of the tracker, but usually it is a box about the size of a matchbox. Inside there is a battery-akamulator, GPS determining the coordinates of the object and a modem with a SIM card that transmit these coordinates through the cellular communication system.

That is, for the full operation of this device is possible in those areas where there is a cellular connection. The practice of use has shown that the coverage does not have to be complete. In our area, for example, cellular communication is like a tare blanket - now a whole piece, now a hole. But when the horses are walking around the neighborhood, they periodically get into the working areas, where the tracker starts transmitting signals. Therefore, although with gaps, but it is clear where and what time the horses were. Or, at least, in which direction they are going.

We see it on the computer screen, again connected via the Internet to a special card. The Internet address of the card and access to an individual "account" will be given by the organization that sold you the tracker. Usually these are companies dealing with security systems. After all, each such spy thing must be registered in a special register and have an individual number. The same company will set up and program your track, conclude a subscription service agreement (the fee is individual, from about two thousand rubles a year), and will also unobtrusively control you. That is, not only will you see the movement of the object, but it will also always be duplicated on the seller's computer.

What else can the tracker do - you can set it up for an SOS signal in the form of an SMS message to your number in the following cases: - if the animal has left the restricted area. The size of the zone is set on the map. For example, in the figure, this area is highlighted in orange. - if the animal has entered the restricted area. Such zones are also highlighted on the map. For example, neighboring gardens.

- if there is no movement for a long time (the animal got entangled, fell over, got stuck, the sensor got caught on a tree, or it was removed and thrown out, etc.)

- if animals suddenly began to move at high speed. For example, 80 km. per hour ...

- if the network is lost or the battery power runs out.

At one time it was Alushta who inspired Gaidai to shoot the


Information has been updated and current as of February 20, 2021

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From the pleasant trifles that decorate the rest, we offer a bath. The optimal capacity is 4-6 people. There is also a wide range of water and car excursions, horseback riding, mountain bike rental. Use the unguarded parking lot, video library and library, places for organizing evening gatherings around the fire, barbecue, gazebo benches to your delight, absolutely free of charge.

COST OF SERVICES for the 2020 season

New house (first floor)

Two-storey log house. On the ground floor there are fully furnished 3 and 5-bed rooms (a room with two adjacent rooms for 2 and 3 people). San. green in the rooms. Electric heating. In winter: dry closet, washbasin - cold water in the room.

800 - weekends and holidays;

New house (second floor)

Two-storey log house. On the second floor there is a san. green for three rooms (2, 3 and 4-bed rooms). Electric heating. In winter: dry closet, washbasin - cold water on the floor.

800 - weekends and holidays;

Semi-comfortable cottage (No. 2) Two-storey, wooden. The capacity of the cottage is 10 people. 2, 3-bed rooms. On the ground floor there is a hall and a bathroom (summer: toilet, sink, hot and cold water. Winter: dry closet, cold water) Showers in the sanitary building on the territory of the base.

800 - weekends and holidays;

Bungalow housesWarm wooden houses from a bar with a separate entrance and a small veranda. 2 and 3 persons. There are beds, a table and chairs, a mirror, bedside tables, washbasins in the house. goodness (toilets and showers) in a dignity. corpus on the territory of the base.

Mongolian yurtsSummer Mongolian four-bed yurts with beds, tables, benches. There is electricity (light, sockets). Conveniences (toilets and showers) in the dignity. corpus on the territory of the base.

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