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7 best resort towns in Lithuania

The luxurious nature and mild climate of Lithuania have contributed to the development of sanatoriums, resorts and medical clinics for treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. Most of these institutions meet European standards, which, together with highly qualified staff, low prices and the absence of a language barrier, has led to the emergence of high-quality medical tourism in the country, which attracts patients from all over Europe and the CIS countries. According to the research results, Lithuanian medicine is included in the Top 4 best countries of the European Union in terms of price/quality ratio. Lithuanian medical university graduates confirm their qualifications in Europe. In Lithuania, medicine is comprehensively developed in all areas - from therapy and disease prevention to cardiac surgery and plastics.

Why Lithuania?

There are two main groups of medical tourists in Lithuania:

Clients from Russia. They come here for the highest quality medical services.

Clients from Europe who choose Lithuania because of the European level of medicine at lower prices.

Lithuanian medicine is available at very low prices, while being recognized as one of the best in Europe. This is because hourly earnings are much lower than in Europe and the United States, as well as cheaper professional liability insurance. On medical services in Lithuania, you can save from 3 to 10 times, depending on the type and number of procedures.

Thus, we can highlight the main advantages of treatment in Lithuania:

  • Highly qualified doctors
  • Medical equipment and services meet European standards
  • Treatment outcomes at the level of clinics in Europe and the USA
  • No language barrier
  • Favorable climate and geographical location of the country
  • Many attractions and clinics for treatment

Organization of medical tourism

If you decide to undergo treatment in Lithuania, then consult your doctor and get all your medical documents. Also, before the trip, it is advisable to conduct a free online consultation with your potential doctor from Lithuania, and already on the first visit to him to finally discuss all the nuances of treatment, terms and prices. For residents of the EU zone and holders of the Schengen area, entry into the country is visa-free, for residents of other countries, you must apply for a visa at the Lithuanian consulate. It is necessary to decide in advance about accommodation and transfer home after the completion of treatment.

Medical tourism service in Lithuania has reached such a level that the medical clinic or its representatives will take care of all this, who will keep in touch with the client after the completion of the treatment.

Main clinics and sanatoriums in Lithuania

Medical tourism in Lithuania

Lithuania for a Russian tourist is a strong European "middle peasant": to look at beautiful architecture, to admire natural landscapes, and to sunbathe on the picturesque Curonian Spit. And if you're lucky, and even if you have a couple of warm weeks in the summer, you can even swim in the Baltic Sea.

You shouldn't expect any exotic and especially vivid impressions from your vacation, but quality rest in Palanga, Druskininkai and Birštonas is guaranteed. The country is close to Russia, the prices there are quite reasonable, and sanatorium treatment is put on a serious basis (Lithuanian health resorts are valued throughout Europe) - there are more than enough arguments.

When To Go

For a trip to Lithuania for any purpose, the period from late May to mid-September is more suitable - this period is considered a high season. In addition, in summer and early autumn, you can appreciate the beauty of nature and comfortably go on excursions. Also, the influx of tourists is observed before Catholic Christmas and in the first week of January.

They usually swim from the second half of July and in August, but in fact, the normal temperature in the Baltic Sea lasts 2-3 weeks in the middle of summer, and then the water begins to cool down. The sanatoriums are open all year round and do not depend on weather conditions. Discounts on accommodation are available in October-April.

Beach Vacation

There are three beach resorts in Lithuania: Palanga, Neringa - 4 coastal villages united into the city, and Klaipeda. The most popular and visited is Neringa, located on the Curonian Spit. The beaches are covered with light yellow sand, pine groves are everywhere, the coast is shallow enough (children can be safe), and they were awarded the Blue Flag for the purity of the water. There are equipped beaches with all the necessary infrastructure, all of them are free. There are many cycle paths and pedestrian areas in the city.

The beaches of Palanga are livelier: there are attractions for children, water equipment rental, sports grounds. To the best beach in Klaipeda - Smiltyne - you need to get by ferry.


Tens of thousands of people from many European countries come to the health resorts of Druskininkai, Birštonas and Palanga for treatment with mineral waters and mud. In local health resorts, everything is built on the methods of Soviet balneology, which are still recognized as the standard. Also a big plus is the absence of large industrial production in the country and the abundance of coniferous forests, which has a beneficial effect on health.

Lithuanian sanatoriums are classified from 2 to 5 *. All of them are equipped with modern equipment, qualified specialists work in them, and they offer a rather impressive set of procedures everywhere. The most popular are pearl baths, massages and kinesiotherapy. Living conditions and infrastructure are excellent even in the most modest establishments, diagnostics are excellent. But the prices are also appropriate.

Excursion programs

Most often, sightseeing tours to Lithuania are combined with visits to neighboring countries - Latvia and Estonia. Usually, a couple of days are enough for visiting significant sights of Vilnius and Trakai. A more interesting route for a week: in addition to visiting the capital, stop by Klaipeda, Kaunas and Palanga, where you can see many Catholic churches, Orthodox cathedrals, monuments and civil buildings from different times.

Medical tourism in Lithuania The luxurious nature and mild climate of Lithuania have contributed to the development of sanatoriums, resorts and medical clinics for treatment, rehabilitation and recovery. Most of these

Peculiarities of recreation in Lithuania

Lithuania is an extraordinary country located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The heiress of the once mighty Grand Duchy of Lithuania, she proudly honors her traditions and keeps in her memory a centuries-old history. This is a state with a special flavor, which once tasted, it is impossible to forget and which will not leave anyone indifferent.

It is pleasant not only to stay at the sea to enjoy its northern beauty and favorable atmosphere, but also to get acquainted with ancient sights, surprisingly well preserved to this day. Here everyone can find rest to their liking: treatment or recovery in one of the classic resorts, highly valued throughout Europe, a sightseeing trip to the main historical sites or a gastronomic trip. After all, Lithuanian cuisine deserves attention and appreciation.

Lithuania's entry into the Schengen area has made traveling through it even easier and more enjoyable, because now you can easily enter the country while traveling in Europe. There is one more undoubted plus - the closeness of mentality and knowledge of the Russian language by many residents, which will remove not only the language barrier, but also possible difficulties in understanding the behavior of local residents.

Lithuania is ideal for families with children. And not only due to the regularity, silence and tranquility prevailing in Lithuanian cities, but also due to the presence of entertainment centers for children and programs that will not let even the most demanding little traveler get bored.

Discover Lithuania! You won't regret it!

How much does a vacation in Lithuania cost?

If someone happened to visit the Soviet Baltic republics in ancient times, they probably remember their special flavor and atmosphere. A lot of water has flowed under the bridge ... But, in spite of the change of regimes, the authorities and other political nuances, the Baltic States still remain beautiful and still attractive for recreation.

A trip to Lithuania can be unforgettable both in terms of tourism and resort pastime. Few people know that there are many resorts here, where you can have a great rest from the hustle and bustle, prophylactically improve your health, and heal some ailments.

When asked what kind of vacation to choose, you have to start from what you want to get. If you just lie on the snow-white Baltic sand - this is one thing, but if you take care of your health, then we choose purposefully, focusing on the diagnosis.

And the question of price, for the majority, is important. In Lithuania, you can spend time in resorts, basking on the excellent Baltic beaches, several times cheaper than on "distant foreign" ones.

If you have a little time and have a plan to walk "at a gallop across Europe", then the ideal option is a trip by car or rental car. For example, renting a middle class car in Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipeda for a week will cost about 300 euros in the "high season". 5 gasoline costs 1.34 euros per liter. Traveling by car for educational purposes and sightseeing, it is worth visiting these cities, where there is something to see. You can spend the night both in small family hotels and pompous hotels. Good day. read in full

Which resort to choose?

Video: Heads and Tails Back to the USSR - Lithuania | Vilnius (HD) (February)

Lithuania is a wonderful country with stunning nature, sandy beaches, lush forests, untouched national parks and crystal clear lakes. To experience the even greater beauty of Lithuania, you must visit the resort towns, which are found in some of the more exciting locations.

Nida is located in the Curonian Spit National Park, near the Baltic Sea. The beaches are some of the most beautiful in Lithuania and there are many forest roads close to those who enjoy long walks in the fresh air. In addition, the hotels in Nida are top notch, the restaurants offer delicious food, and the bars are open until dawn.


Druskininkai, among the most popular resort towns in Lithuania, is full of wonderful resorts where you can relax and forget about all the problems in the world. Located in southern Lithuania, Druskininkai is surrounded by forests that provide fresh air, a relaxing atmosphere and the only indoor snow arena in the country, so if you love winter sports, be sure to bring your own gear!

Druskininkai | © Vytautas Mildažis/Flickr


Birštonas is famous for its mineral waters, which are said to have medicinal properties. There are five huge resorts where people come to rest and receive treatment. The area near Kaunas is extremely beautiful and you can also visit places where mineral water is produced.

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How to get to Birzhai

Birzai is located 100 km from Riga and 145 km from Daugavpils. Both from Riga and from Daugavpils you can get to Birzhai by your car or by public transport. The fact is that quite recently the Lux Express company launched a flight from Riga to Daugavpils and back through this Lithuanian town. Travel time, respectively, 1.5 (From Riga) - 2 (from Daugavpils) hours. The buses at the suites are very comfortable, on the way you can play games or watch a movie, tea and coffee for free. Of course the bus has a toilet. Tickets cost from 2 euros, if bought in advance, we bought on the day of departure for 3.5 per person:

What to see in Birzhai

The first step, of course, is to look at the Birzhai castle. The castle in Birzai is one of the main tourist magnets:

By the way, there is a very cool shop next to the castle, from where an excellent panorama of Lake Shirvenos opens. The best place in town to watch the sunset:

Observation tower at Kirkilai Lake

The second place I advise you to go is the observation tower on Lake Kirkilai. It has an unimaginable design, whether in the shape of an inverted letter "C", or in the shape of a boat (rook), but it looks just amazing. :

It's clear that cool views open up from here:

Even without a drone, you can take cool pictures from a height of over 30 meters. It is worth noting that around the tower, in addition to the lake, there are sinkholes filled with water. There are a lot of them in these places, several thousand:

Here is a short video from the observation deck:

In Birzai there is Astrava manor and next to it a pedestrian bridge across Lake Shirvenas, by the way the longest pedestrian bridge in Lithuania:

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