Laos travel guide

Travel to Laos: interesting sights and the best cities for tourism

Features of rest in Laos

Compared to most of its neighbors (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China), Laos for most travelers is an unknown and little-known land, at least for now. And this is still largely due to the fact that the popularity of this country, albeit not at a rapid pace, is still growing. In part, this growth can be explained by the fact that over the past ten years, the popularity of Southeast Asia as a holiday destination has grown tremendously, and as a result, people began to pull for even greater exoticism, which Laos falls under as best as possible. But here is an unambiguous answer to the question: To go or not to go to Laos? - Unfortunately no. Everyone must decide for themselves, weighing all the pros and cons, which are just below.

- Unique virgin nature, practically not spoiled by man, even though agriculture is the main segment of the country's economy. Rapids on the Mekong, numerous caves in albeit low mountains, with which the entire territory of the country is strewn, waterfalls and of course dense forests and jungles. In fact, it is nature and rich fauna that are the main attractions of Laos.

- A phlegmatic and surprisingly calm course of life. At times, you get the impression that time just stops here. This is felt in absolutely everything. By the way, perhaps this is why, or perhaps not, the deception of tourists is rare here, unlike Thailand or Vietnam.

When is the best time to rest?

Laos has two seasons: wet and dry - each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

What money should I take with me?

Traveling to Laos, in many respects, is the lot of experienced travelers who prepare in advance for the trip, comprehend all the nuances and trifles of staying in the country, which include financial issues, such as:

- What currency should I go to Laos with?

- Where to change money and what currencies to pay, and so on?

Laos travel guide

Should a tourist go to Laos? And if it is, then for what? Laos is one of the few countries whose attitude towards which has changed dramatically over time. We will tell you when to go to Laos, and when/to whom - not.

Is it worth going to Laos, pros and cons: article content

How critical we once were

Like most people who come to Laos, we did not ask ourselves whether it was worth going to Laos or not, but ended up there on business - we received a long-term Thai visa. Like the majority, we formed our opinion about Laos on the basis of two days in Vientiane. That time can be called the dawn of our formation as travelers, we were biased and believed that all capitals should look like capitals in accordance with our ideas about the "capital".

The result of this maximalistic approach is:

a) our escape from Laos two days ahead of schedule, b) an article full of jokes, but unflattering for Laos:

Many wrote to us then that we did not understand anything and were too critical; and Zhenin, a colleague of near-retirement age, who had seen many countries, noted melancholy that he would gladly live in Laos in his old age. "In Vientiane, or what ?!" - we almost collapsed to the floor after such a statement.

We were naively surprised that Vientiane has such a rural look: well, how is it, this is the capital! ?

I liked it so much that we won't come again

Time has passed. A new trip to Laos happened - and this time we did not limit ourselves to Vientiane, but also visited the village of Vang Vieng and the town of Luang Prabang. This story is written in detail in our article

Travel Guide to Laos Features of Holidays in Laos Compared to most of its neighbors (Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam and China), Laos is land for most travelers

Laos ... The country where time stops. One of the most beautiful and least populated countries in Asia. The majestic unhurried Mekong, a ridge of stunningly beautiful mountains, cascades of waterfalls, tropical forests, karst caves, Buddhist temples, a relaxing lazy atmosphere and friendly Lao people, who have preserved the same way of life as they did hundreds of years ago, have made Laos the center of eco-tourism in the Southeast Asia.

In terms of travel, Laos can be roughly divided into three regions - North, Center and South, each of which is interesting and unique in its own way. Traveling in the North of Laos is often combined with travel in the North of Thailand or the Chinese province of Yunnan; travel in the southern part of Laos is conveniently combined with travel in Cambodia and Vietnam. The option of traveling from south to north or from north to south is also quite popular.

Capital - Vientiane

Official language - Lao

Form of government - republic

Area - 236 800 sq. m

Population - 5.5 million inhabitants

The largest cities are Vientiane (200 thousand el.)

Population density - 23 people/sq. ...

Sea - landlocked

Laos is located in Southeast Asia and tourists from different countries come here every year for recreation. This is due to the fact that there is a warm climate, interesting sights and ample opportunities for exciting excursions. At the same time, it is worth knowing the most remarkable places, resorts and cities that are suitable for recreation.

A little about Laos

Dense forests, low hills and mountains, subequatorial monsoon climate characterize the territory of Laos. This country attracts travelers with opportunities for tourism of various types: sports, extreme, educational. Moreover, the state has a rich history and interesting culture.

Laos has dense forests and hot climate

The country has developed agriculture, metal mining, hydropower. At the same time, tourism is one of the main income items in Laos. Therefore, various excursions for travelers are organized here, there are hotels of different levels and a lot of entertainment.

Full state name

Laos is a short name for the country, which is convenient in everyday speech, advertising and travel booklets. The full official name is Lao People's Democratic Republic. This combination is appropriate in geography, politics, science, international documents and other similar cases.

Capital and geography

The largest city and capital of the state of Laos is Vientiane, which covers an area of ​​3920 km 2. The population of this point is 1 003 742 people. There is a Watai intercity airport not far from the city. Driving is also available. There is no train station here, but the government plans to lay the tracks to Vientiane.

There are many temples in the capital of the country, as the locals are religious. Mosques and churches have beautiful architecture, and tourists can look at them during a city tour. There are also hotels, night clubs, parks in Vientiane.

The territory of Laos has an elongated shape

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