Iceland Must See 2020: description

Iceland Must See 2020: description

Iceland is a unique place, a vacation in Iceland leaves many unforgettable vivid impressions due to the unique flavor of this country. A relatively small area of ​​land contains a large number of waterfalls, geysers, volcanoes, lakes. There are no luxurious beaches, bright resort parties. The attractiveness of the country lies in its amazing nature, amazing landscapes that make every traveler freeze in admiration. Iceland has many interesting places to which thousands of tourists go throughout the year.

Activities in Iceland

Many tourists going to Iceland, first of all, plan to make excursions to the main natural treasures of this country. Glaciers, volcanoes, waterfalls and geysers, beautiful fjords and islands are popular with travelers who want to see unique landscapes and take stunning pictures.

You can improve your health, relax comfortably, get a boost of energy and vivacity at the Blue Lagoon resort. It is located on the shore of a natural geothermal source. Warm sea water of deep blue color has medicinal properties, allows you to enjoy a comfortable bathing. There are ski resorts in Iceland. Both venerable athletes and beginners who master the basics of these sports will enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

Holidays in Iceland will delight gourmets. Herring is the deserved pride of the country. Traditional cooking includes hundreds of Icelandic gold recipes. You can order them, conduct a tasting in every catering establishment. Daredevils can taste a local alcoholic drink called Black Death by the Icelanders. Vodka is made from caraway seeds and potatoes.

Sightseeing Iceland

There are several national parks on the territory of the state. They are very popular with tourists. You can see incredible landscapes in the mountainous region of Landmannaleigar. The mountains, covered with snow-white caps, separate deep canyons with lakes of deep blue color, valleys covered with a layer of volcanic lava, hot springs of natural mineral waters containing hydrogen sulfide.

Thingvellir National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first settlers appeared here in the 1st century. In this valley, the parliament gathered, which made a decision on the formation of a new people - the Icelanders. In 1000 on the Althing in Thingvellir, the Vikings adopted the Christian faith. There is a rift in the national park that separates the continental plates of North America and Eurasia.

Every tourist who comes here visits the famous Valley of Geysers, where natural fountains periodically throw out streams of hot water. The real "star" of Iceland is Gulfoss. This is a beautiful waterfall 30 meters high. Many excursions are made to the West Fjords. This part of the coast is indented by a huge number of amazingly beautiful bays.

Trips to extinct and active volcanoes leave many impressions: Grimsvotn, Hekla, Askja, Laki, Eyjafjallajökull, Katla and others. You can make interesting excursions to the Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon, to the largest European glacier, Vatnajökull. Tourists have the opportunity to see the northern lights, enjoy the charm of the "white nights". In the capital Reykjavik, the large cities of Akureyri and Kopavogur, there are many comfortable hotels with impeccable service, providing ideal conditions for relaxation. You can read a lot of positive reviews about each hotel.

Tourists living in Reykjavik have the opportunity to make interesting excursions to the National Gallery of Painting of Icelandic Artists, the National Museum, and watch a performance at the National Theater.

Iceland ecological tourism

The travel program covers the maximum number of the best attractions of the island in a week.

Every day we will make radial trips with light to the most important locations. We will move between places of interest by regular buses, we will live in tents. Most campsites have hot showers and the ability to charge photo and video equipment.

Who is this tour for?

For people who have always dreamed of visiting Iceland, but did not dare to go on a more challenging hiking trip. A hike for those who want to see the best sights of the island in just a week. This tour is perfect for girls who just love to be photographed, because you can take with you a whole "suitcase" of beautiful dresses for a photo shoot! And the guys will be able to admire it with pleasure :)

How to get there

The most convenient way to get to Iceland is a direct flight from Moscow with S7 Airlines. Direct flights from Domodedovo Airport to Reykjavik operate weekly on Saturdays from June 9, 2018. Departure from Moscow at 20:05, arrival at Reykjavik airport at 22:15 local time. The return flight departs at 23:20 and arrives at Domodedovo at 07:05.

Or a flight from Helsinki (this is the cheapest option, from 18 t.). You can get to Helsinki by minibus from St. Petersburg.

Required arrival time in Reykjavik: no later than 7:00 am on the first day of the hike.

Meeting the group at Reykjavikcampsite at the reception on the first day of the hike at 10:00. From the airport, flybuss + buses run directly to Reykjavikcampsite. They depart from the terminal after the arrival of each (even overnight) flight in 30-40 minutes. You can (but not necessarily) book on the website . e. s/flybus/4900 ISK (2500 rubles) - from the airport to the desired location (hotel, camping). Return tickets can be purchased at the campsite. You can also buy excursions there.

Camping address - Reykjavikcampsite . eykjavikcampsite. s/CityHostelSundlaugavegur 34, 105 Reykjavik, Iceland. Early arrivals can accommodate in tents or hostels (reservation required).

It is important on the bus to correctly inform the driver of the seat (or show it on a piece of paper), he delivers to hotels and informs when to get off. This campsite is popular with many tourists going out there.

Return flight is possible on the last day of the hike after 22. 0.

Pay attention to some features of the program:

Iceland is the land of Vikings, elves, trolls and other mythical creatures. This is a place with amazing unspoiled nature, wonderful resorts and must-see attractions. Despite its northern location, the hearts of Icelanders never freeze.

General understanding of the country and resorts

Iceland literally translates as "land of ice". The name justifies the content, the surrounding world is harsh, but this does not in any way affect the beauty of the region. Citizens appreciate it and try to follow the call of their hearts in order to keep everything in its original form.

The territory of the state is located on an island with a population of 350 thousand people. Everyone knows each other and are often related. Icelanders try not to quarrel with each other, since then they will have to live, build relationships and work side by side with enemies.

There are many interesting places in Iceland, despite the small area of ​​the state: ski resorts, hot springs, geysers and volcanoes, among which Eyjafjallajökull is considered the most famous. Every year tens of thousands of tourists come to a European country for pleasant experiences and interesting stories.

How to get to the resorts of Iceland from different CIS countries

There are no direct flights to Iceland from the CIS countries, you should use the options with a transfer. Residents of Ukraine and Belarus prefer to first get to Poland, and from there by plane via Oslo or Stockholm to Reykjavik.

Russians are trying to find a budget way to get to Scandinavia, and then by plane or ferry to get to the island of Iceland. There are options, but the wishes and financial capabilities of travelers take precedence.

The choice of the most suitable route should be started 4 months before departure, then the chances of finding a cheaper alternative increase. We recommend using European low-cost airlines, which regularly go to the specified direction.

Health resorts and national parks in Iceland

Emigration to Iceland is not very popular among Russians or Ukrainians, and therefore there is a lack of information on moving to this country for permanent residence in Russian. In the USA, Spain, Greece, the Dominican Republic - even moving to Japan and China is considered real and understandable.

But for the Russians, who are accustomed to living in the far north in the tundra and in the mountains of the Urals and the Caucasus, to be drawn to an even greater adventure, something extremely tempting must happen that will bring benefits. In connection with the events taking place in Russia and Ukraine, in 2021, many began to consider all possible options for moving to calm countries with a higher standard of living.

However, not everything is predictable, sometimes fate makes such turns for which it is impossible to prepare, which you will learn about at the moment of committing. If fate gives you a one-way ticket to Iceland, should you refuse? Maybe there you will find a paradise for your soul.

Icelanders mentality

It is impossible to compare the mentality of the Icelanders with the European, but it is somewhat similar to the Scandinavian. Until the middle of the 20th century, this nation lived very ascetic, due to its remoteness from the mainland. The descendants of the Vikings have kept their traditions, they honor them today. True, modernity has not bypassed the island, which we will talk about further.

Panoramic view of Reykjavik

People here are hardworking, accustomed to making money with their own hands: fishing, farming, mining. When the United States and Great Britain considered Iceland to be their "territory", the inhabitants of the island responded to this intervention in a peculiar way, turning the situation in their favor.

They managed to establish the fishing industry with the sale of products to these countries, and then around the world. The state grew rich before our eyes. To this day, residents work in their traditional sectors of the economy; the service sector, for example, tourism, began to develop in part.

Europeans may consider Icelanders a redneck because of their habits from the past rural life, because the urban population has become relatively recent. They are simple people, but honest and accustomed to following the rules and laws. Sometimes pedantic, however, they have great fun and walk on holidays, pouring non-stop spirits and eating haucarl.

Haukarl - Iceland's national dish

This national Icelandic dish will seem to our taste completely disgusting and terrible in fact, since it is rotten shark meat. The Vikings also came up with such a way of eating the meat of Greenland sharks so as not to be poisoned by the poisonous compounds contained in it.

Another feature that is attributed to the national mentality is love for one's neighbor.

There are almost no accidents involving pedestrians in the country, since no motorist will allow a run over and let a person pass, even if it takes a long time to wait.

We will travel all over Iceland! Perhaps you are one step away from the most amazing journey of your life!

Pay attention to some features of the program:

Overnight camping in tents. Some campsites may have power outlets, but we recommend that you bring an external battery with you. Showers will be available in most campsites, paid - 500 ISK (Icelandic kronor) for 5 minutes, this is about 300 rubles.

Complexity. The hike does not require trekking experience, but good physical fitness is required. Height differences on the walking part are up to 1000 meters. All transitions on the active part of the route are light, without heavy backpacks. Weather conditions can also pose difficulties.

Weather. The average temperature is 15 degrees, at night it can drop to 5 degrees, rains are not uncommon. Perhaps somewhere there will be snow from winter (in the mountains). Hat, gloves, warm clothing, swimsuit, gaiters, membrane socks, trekking poles, glasses, sun cream are highly recommended. Sandals or something to wade rivers. A sleeping bag is required with a temperature of -10 degrees (comfort), so that you will definitely be warm.

Time. In Iceland, the time differs from Moscow by -3 hours.

It is better to exchange/withdraw money at the airport. Iceland is an expensive country, if you need to buy something in addition (equipment, personal hygiene products, etc.), then it is better to bring it from Russia. Additional expenses are supposed only for souvenirs, showers and chocolates. Also pay attention to the section "what's not included in the price".

Participation with children. Minors can only take part in the hike if accompanied by an adult. On the route there are long bus journeys and full day hikes, so the recommended age is from 12 years and experience of previous participation in hikes.

Daily program


Arrival eykjavik. Perlan Wonders of Iceland Museum and Ice Cave, sculpture Sun Voyager, Atlantic Ocean

Meeting of the group at the camping in Reykjavik, accommodation in tents.

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