How to get to the reserve as a volunteer? Part one

International volunteer camps

Our opinion - love for the country, begins with love for the native nature. How you can not only have a great rest, but also help - you will find out in the selection. Don't put it off until tomorrow, we promise it will be interesting!

Volunteer ecological camps of the Russian Geographical Society

The All-Russian competition for participation in environmental education camps of the Russian Geographical Society has started.

Who can participate: boys and girls aged 18 to 35; End of application submission: May 20, 2018 inclusive; Dates of environmental education camps: - In the Kabardino-Balkarsky reserve: July 2 - 15, 2018, Ashkatau, Chereksky district, Kabardino-Balkarian republic; - In the Katunsky reserve: July 30 - August 12, 2018, p. st-Koksa, Ust-Koksinsky district, Altai Republic; - In the national park "Alania": July 16 - 29, 2018, p. Ikola, Irafsky district, Republic of North Ossetia - Alania; Conditions: the organizers pay for travel from the place of residence to the reserve and back, cover the costs of food and accommodation during the camp. What to do: - As part of the environmental education camp, volunteers will help the researchers of the reserves in arranging ecological paths, in repair work, as well as cleaning and beautification of territories. The program will also include the collection of field materials and professional photography and video filming. “In addition, young people and girls will be able to take part in hikes and sightseeing tours to the most picturesque places in Russia, get acquainted with the unique nature of the regions, rich in flora and fauna.

The Kabardino-Balkarian high-mountain state nature reserve is a specially protected natural area located in the Chereksky and Chegemsky regions of the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic along the Main Caucasian and Lateral ridges, in the upper reaches of the Chereka-Balkarsky, Cherek-Bezengiysky and Chegem rivers. It has been operating since 1976.

The Katunsky State Natural Biosphere Reserve was established on June 25, 1991 and is located in the highlands of Central Altai. Its territory is included in the UNESCO World Cultural and Natural Heritage List under the name "Golden Mountains of Altai"

Alania National Park has been operating since 1998. It was created with the aim of preserving unique natural complexes in the southwestern part of the Republic of North Ossetia. Located on the northern slope of the Central Caucasus. You can get here only by road in the valley of the Urukh River, through the unique Akhsinta canyon.

Photos of the reserves are taken from the Vkontakte group (. om/mkrgo)

"Barguzinsky Reserve": ecological and educational camp of the Russian Geographical Society

An international competition has started for participation in the ecological and educational camp of the Russian Geographical Society on the territories of the Barguzinsky Reserve and the Trans-Baikal National Park, which will be held from 12 to 26 July. Anyone between the ages of 18 and 35 is welcome.

Our projects


International Volunteer Camps

International volunteer camp (workcamp) is a social project that lasts 2-3 weeks and takes place in almost any country in the world. The project team consists of 10–20 people from different countries, no more than 2 representatives of one country. The volunteer camp is an opportunity to get to know other countries and cultures, as well as spend time with the benefit of yourself and those around you!

The main idea of ​​volunteering is to unite people from different countries with common interests to spread the ideas of peace and tolerance through communication between volunteers of different nationalities!

Volunteering is

Accommodation and meals on the project are free, and sometimes the host organizes leisure

Help organizations around the world

Forget about typical excursions and dive into the real life of local residents

Cook Chili con Carne with a Mexican and tell the guys from Africa about the cold winters in Russia

The level of English will improve by itself due to daily communication with the team

Organize a music festival, take part in the restoration of an 18th century castle or take care of turtles in the coastal zone

More about volunteering

Tatiana Shcherbakova, the author of the Brain Drain telegram channel, tells SM about new opportunities for volunteering abroad for the ninth time. For example, go to Denmark - work in a social cafe or cool experimental schools. However, the matter is not limited to Denmark alone: ​​you can still get on one of 40 well-paid internships in Switzerland. And even to Nigeria.

Fluent English is a requirement of almost all projects where you are helped to cover travel and living expenses in another country. In addition, to participate, you need to write a CV (resume) and a motivation letter in English. If you want to make it easier for yourself, start improving your language now.

Here are some topical internships and volunteer projects to apply for in the near future.

Denmark: coordinate and train volunteers

If you are graduating from university or for some other reason will be free from next summer, we advise you to try your luck in the selection for an interesting volunteer project at the Youth Exchange Center in Denmark. In a year, you will not only learn how to administer volunteer projects and coordinate large groups, but you will also become a professional trainer of informal education programs.

Under the terms of the program, volunteers will be reimbursed for flights and visas, they will be provided with accommodation and meals in a guest family, and they will also be paid a small amount of pocket money every month.

The ideal candidate should have some experience in marketing and social media management. If he also owns Indesign, it's gorgeous. It is best for this to be someone who enjoys performing in public and who will not complain about the sudden work on the evenings and weekends. Good English and a desire to take part in the life of the guest family are prerequisites. Volunteers from 18 to 30 years old are accepted for the program.

When: for a year from 22 July 2019 Deadline: 15 November

Denmark: work in a social cafe

Cafe "Utopia", which is looking for a volunteer, looks very ordinary - tables, chairs, guests, delicious cupcakes. In fact, this is a social project that wants to include people with mental illness in society. All the waiters, cleaners and even the cooks there with different diagnoses - schizophrenia, borderline psychosis, manic depression.

If you are interested in a social topic, the functioning of cultural projects, or maybe you want to open your own cafe, then no doubt serve. Just make sure that your English is already up to par. The organization does not require anything special from candidates, except for the ability to empathize and understand the specifics of working with vulnerable categories of the population. The volunteer must be between 18 and 30 years old.

When: 10 months from September 2019 to June 2020 Deadline: November 15

Elena Gindina

Volunteering at an organic tea farm

Requirements: basic knowledge of English

Duration: start any month with stays of 2 to 12 weeks

A unique opportunity to live in one of the most picturesque areas of Nepal with a family of farmers and experience tea plantation. The volunteer's responsibilities include helping grow, collecting and packing tea, helping around the house, cooking, shopping, caring for pets, charity work, and work on.

Volunteers are provided with a private room with simple decoration. Traditionally, Nepalese have two main meals and two tea ceremonies per day. Despite the unpretentious dishes, all the food is farmed: vegetables, fruits, dairy products. Participants are kindly asked to contribute $ 5 per day for room and board. Free time can be spent exploring the picturesque nearby locations, going to the mountains, rafting and safari, as well as wellness yoga.

Volunteering in the Pechoro-Ilychsky nature reserve

Requirements: endurance, early rise

Duration: 3 shifts (17–31 August, 1–17 September, 18 September – 3 October 2020)

The State Natural Biosphere Reserve is recruiting volunteers for ringing birds.

It is still widely believed that volunteering has nothing to do with mere mortals, and by its nature resembles an association for philanthropists and altruists. However, in recent years, the phenomenon has been gaining more and more sound not only in the West, but also in Russia. And the point is not even that it is becoming fashionable to be a volunteer, humanity gradually realizes the burden of social responsibility, and the very essence of the phenomenon is changing. Now, in order to help society, it is not at all necessary to devote your whole life to saving the Galapagos turtles - volunteering has become a form of leisure, a good way to spend a good weekend in the company of interesting people.

How it all began

The development of the volunteer movement is quite difficult to trace - previously no one has accurately recorded all the actions aimed at helping those in need. At the same time, the idea of ​​selfless service to the needs of society has hung in the air throughout the entire conscious history of mankind.

Religion has always been a powerful catalyst for volunteerism - the embryos of the volunteer movement appeared in monasteries. However, it became organized only after the First World War, when in France, near Strasbourg, the first volunteer project in the west was implemented with the aim of restoring farms destroyed by military actions in places of the most fierce battles. This project launched the world's first volunteer movement Service Civil International, which continues to function today.

Also one of the oldest organizations of this kind is the International Red Cross. Following the Red Cross and SCI, such international volunteer associations as the British Volunteer Program, the US Peace Corps, and Deutsche Entwiklungsdienst soon emerged.

What do we have?

The development of volunteering in Russia followed the common European path. The influence of the Russian Orthodox Church on Russian society has always been quite tangible, and the altruistic consciousness, as you know, is an integral part of Christianity. In Russia, from ancient times to the present day, there is a tradition of work for the glory of God, when volunteers come to work in monasteries.

Not without the participation of the church, a massive volunteer movement of sisters of mercy has appeared, which today has more than a century of history. The Sisters of Mercy of the Moscow Nikolskaya Convent became the first women in the world who voluntarily went to the front to help wounded soldiers during the Crimean War of 1853-1856.

The Soviet period of our history was marked by the rise of environmental volunteering. The first youth nature conservation organization in Russia - Nature Conservation Druzhina named after IN. . Tikhomirova was created on December 13, 1960. The youth movement began its activities with operational raids to combat hunting and fishing poaching. There were also organized such programs as "Spruce" (the fight against the unauthorized felling of New Year trees), "Primrose" (against the trade in wild plants). It should also be noted the positive experience of the practice of subbotniks, which not only contributed to the improvement of many cities and towns, but also helped to cleanse forests and parks from garbage.

Environmental volunteering is one of the most progressive today. Despite the long years of calm, it is in this direction that many projects are being implemented today, where everyone can prove themselves - all you need is a desire to help your planet and a pair of rubber gloves.

I want to be a volunteer!

On September 10 this year, 12 thousand volunteers gathered to clean the shores of the "pearl of Russia" Lake Baikal and the protected areas of Khakassia and the Krasnoyarsk Territory. Among the participants were not only student-enthusiasts - volunteers aged from 5 to 80 years. The key event of the All-Russian Volunteer Eco-marathon "360 Minutes" was organized by En + Group, a leading Russian industrial group that unites energy, mining and metallurgical assets.

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