Ecotourism in Russia

Ecotourism in Russia

Ecological tourism is becoming more and more popular today. The purpose of such a trip is to enjoy the beauty of the surrounding landscape, to get an idea of ​​the ethnographic, cultural and natural features of a particular area. For this kind of tourism, some kind of recreation center in the Leningrad region or in the Pskov region is often chosen, since this is one of the most ecological regions of Russia. Holidays in the North-West in the Leningrad Region are offered to us by many travel agencies and agencies. All kinds of tours in Russia are simply striking in their diversity.

Ecotourism does not at all imply walking and sleeping in the open air, depending on your capabilities, you can go on a bicycle trip, and some cheap but good hotel is perfect as a "haven" for the night that will meet you along the way.

All ecotourism routes include visits to specially protected places, such places may include any recreation center, national park, nature reserve, caves, picturesque landscapes, etc. In our country, ecological routes and tours run through Lake Baikal, Kamchatka geysers, Altai Mountains. Both the Leningrad region and the Pskov region are well suited for such tours. You can start such tours in Russia from St. Petersburg, Moscow, or from any provincial town, the main thing is to clearly define the route for yourself!

Also in the north-west of Russia there are such wonderful places for ecological tourism as Karelia, Arkhangelsk and Murmansk regions. Karelia is also called "the lungs of Europe", because most of it is covered by forests, about a quarter - by forests and lakes. This forest-like atmosphere promotes health and mood. In addition, in the south of Karelia there is the Kivach waterfall, which is the second largest in Europe.

So, in Russia there is a huge number of places for ecotourism, all these places are distinguished by the richest natural and cultural heritage, visiting such protected areas will bring incomparable pleasure.

Development and goals of "ecotourism"

The development of cities inevitably leads to an aggravation of the ecological situation, deterioration of the living conditions of citizens. Constant noise, crowding, gas-polluted air, frantic urban rhythm of life, stress. Citizens are increasingly faced with such serious problems as poor health, decreased level of vitality, depression. Residents of Europe and America have long found a way out of this difficult situation - ecological tourism or simply ecotourism! What is it and how does it differ from conventional tourism? The first thing that comes to mind is nature-friendly tourism. In principle, this is a correct definition, but far from complete.

Let's take a look at Wikipedia. “Ecotourism is tourism, which includes travel to places with relatively untouched nature, in order to get an idea of ​​the natural, cultural and ethnographic features of the area, which does not violate the integrity of ecosystems and creates such economic conditions in which the protection of nature and natural resources becomes profitable for the local population ".

So, firstly, ecotourism is a visit to well-preserved natural areas, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, reserves.

Secondly, ecotourism implies compliance with certain rules of behavior. Thirdly, the purpose of ecotourism is environmental education and upbringing of the population.

So ecotourism is tourism that combines recreation, entertainment and environmental education for travelers.

Ecotourism is just beginning to gain popularity in Russia. And it develops in two main directions: - "classic" tourism with tents and backpacks, difficult crossings and river rafting; - "soft" tourism with accommodation at recreation centers and simple hiking and skiing trips, travel on water catamarans and non-motorized boats, cycling tours, excursions. Swimming in rivers and lakes, picking mushrooms and berries, fishing and fragrant ear, bird trills and smells of flowers - how can you not rest your body and soul, how not to gain strength ?! But both "classic" and "soft" eco-tours necessarily include acquaintance with the historical past of the peoples inhabiting the region, with their traditional way of life, crafts, folklore.

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