Ecotourism business ideas

10 easy ways to travel greener

In order to start a business, you need to figure out what to do. It should be interesting for you, the occupation should be profitable and the business should not require special investments.

So any thoughts? Consider an interesting, but far from new direction in business - this is ecotourism. It is relevant in 2018 and will be even more relevant in 2019. Quite a popular form of recreation, which has earned its high popularity. This business does not require large investments, therefore it deserves the attention of entrepreneurs as a business from scratch.

Ecotourism is growing annually by 10% worldwide. This indicates that humanity understands the importance of preserving the environment and the abundance of nature. Tourists are ready to spend their finances in order to invest them profitably in the future of the nature around us.

Ecotourism is a profitable business

Ecotourism is a direction in the tourist field of activity, which provides for the improvement, maintenance of nature in cleanliness and safety. Often, ecotourism is carried out in protected areas of reserves that need care and funding. In simple terms, this is a journey and unity with nature, knowledge of the amazing world that surrounds us, but at the same time preserving its original appearance.

Ecological tourism as the start of a new business

What can be offered to tourists in order to successfully start a business. We offer to consider several business ideas:

Horseback riding in woodland or fields. It is important to understand that so that tourists can return to the camp or to the starting point, it is necessary to clearly think over the route. The traveler must be accompanied by a guide. The main thing is that the organizers will need a qualified instructor to quickly learn to ride a horse.

Hiking directions along pre-worked mountain or forest trails. A very interesting and active type of eco-friendly recreation. To implement this business, you will need a guide with extensive experience and familiarity with the selected area. Well, an irreplaceable thing in this case, a route map.

Cycling. It was stated above in the article that the technique is not allowed to be used. However, the organizers allow the use of technology that does not harm the environment. To bring your business to life, you will need a guide and protective equipment.

Rent of kayaks or boats, catamarans. For this idea, it is necessary to think over all the safety of tourists on the water.

Tourist fishing from the coastline or boat. Travelers will appreciate the idea of ​​making their own fish soup in the open air. An important point! To start a business, you need to think about where you prepare food, as well as keep track of garbage collection.

What can an individual do about it? It is in our power to treat nature more carefully in our trips. It is not necessary to be an avid eco-activist for this, and you will not lose in comfort either.

Read how to travel with care for nature and make small steps to change the situation for the better.

Get close to home

Any transport (bicycles and scooters do not count) has an impact on the environment and climate change. To reduce the emissions from your travel, at least from time to time choose a vacation spot on the other side of the planet.

Think about what you would really like to do on vacation. Friends are calling to a surf school in Bali or to watch the Mayan pyramids in Mexico. But maybe you would rather study surfing in French Biarritz and admire the megaliths in Malta? Or, deep down, do you even dream of living in a secluded house and kayaking in Karelia?

The closer the resting place, the less harm to nature, and the impressions from this do not become less vivid.

Choose less harmful transport

The impact of transport on the environment can be assessed by different criteria: energy efficiency, energy source (renewable is better), emissions of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide, sulfur and nitrogen oxides, heavy metals. Noise, the number of passengers, the behavior of the driver or pilot, and many other details play a role. It is difficult to take into account and compare all factors for different types of transport, but there are basic recommendations that you can focus on.

  • For travel up to 500 km, it is better to prefer train or bus. If you decide to go by car, follow the eco-driving rules: take your friends with you, turn off the engine at stops, slow down the gas and brake, do not drive the air conditioner unnecessarily.
  • The harm from flights can be reduced by choosing flights with lower CO₂ emissions per passenger - they are marked with a green leaf icon in the Skyscanner search. To give an environmental rating to a flight, we calculate emissions based on aircraft model, number of seats, flight duration and connection availability. Direct flights are generally better than interchange flights, and short ones are better than long-haul flights.
  • It is important not only how to get there, but also what to move on the spot. Ideal for walking or cycling. If that doesn't fit, use public transport. Tram, trolleybus, metro are good choices because they run on electricity, but even a regular diesel bus, per passenger, pollutes the air less than a passenger car. For travel where bus travel is inconvenient, try to rent a car with an electric or hybrid engine.

Book Green Hotels

Relevance of business idea

In the wake of the crisis, people have become less likely to travel abroad, more carefully plan their spending on vacation. Foreign tourism fell slightly in demand, but interest in domestic tourism increased.

Russia has a colossal number of protected areas and simply secluded, interesting areas for exploring. Correct positioning, formation of USP and promotion of their services will help to achieve success in this direction. Rural ecotourism is seen as the simplest and most profitable in our country.

Costs and Benefits

Investments in an eco-tourism project vary depending on the complexity of the project and the list of services that you provide. You will definitely need at least 600'000 thousand rubles, but you should always take into account the costs and have working capital for the first time.

Business payback period - up to 6-9 months. The monthly profit after a year of work is 300'000 rubles, but it is strongly influenced by the seasonality.

Start-up costs: approximate calculation for Petrozavodsk

Monthly costs

Permits and Documents

Business Registration

To organize your eco-business, it is enough to register as an individual entrepreneur. OKVED code 63. 0 “Activities of travel agencies”. But before that, make a list of services, you may need additional codes that depend on your price list.

No special permits are required for an eco-travel agency.


Tourist business in Russia has always been a profitable occupation. The profitability of this direction remains high, despite the emerging crises or complex economic situations in the country.

Recently, rural tourism as a business entrenched in the service market, and causes interest among residents of large cities. Agrotourism allows you to plunge into a person in the daily life of the Russian depth. For sophisticated citizens, such a rest is exotic, and for it they are ready to give a lot of money. Organize rural tourism is easy, however, there are some nuances that should be known to know the novice entrepreneur.

We recommend to study another direction in the service sector: business on smoking products.

Ecotourism in the village: where to start

Ecotourism as a business is attractive for rural residents that are limited in cash. Small starting <

Capital will be enough for: <

  • Acquisition or construction of a small house on the nursery;
  • purchases of the vehicle, which is necessary for the transport of tourists.

In addition, it will be necessary to purchase pets and smash a small garden where food will be grown. It is allowed to use the private home of the entrepreneur as a place to stay tourists. It is necessary to divide or highlight a part of the room under the dining room, since food should be prepared in a special equipped room.


Compiling a business plan, the entrepreneur must choose the type of ecotourism, which it will offer to customers. Options may be somewhat: <

  • holidays on weekends;
  • accommodation guests in the countryside from 1 week to month;
  • Comfortable holiday in comfortable cottages .

If circumstances allow a person to invest a large amount of money in organizing rural tourism, careful planning must be carried out. Before making a business idea of ​​life, the entrepreneur must decide on the scale of the project and correctly evaluate its financial capabilities. These factors affect how the infrastructure of the enterprise will look like. It includes places to stay vacationers, meals and entertainment.

Please note! The tourist complex can be built in a traditional Russian style, in the form of small wooden lines surrounded by picturesque nature. Food between guests is carried out at the expense of the household.

Any type of activity, including rural holidays as a business, has its pros and cons. The benefits of ecotourism include:

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