Ecology of Azerbaijan - ecological situation in Azerbaijan

Ecology of Azerbaijan - ecological situation in Azerbaijan

ⓘ Ecology of Azerbaijan

Ecology of Azerbaijan - ecological situation in Azerbaijan. State environmental organizations include the Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources, as well as the State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy Sources.

Biodiversity of Azerbaijan

The presence of favorable physical and geographical conditions, as well as 9 natural and climatic zones out of the existing 11 determines the diversity of flora and fauna of the Republic of Azerbaijan. 64% of the species composition of plants in the Caucasus is accounted for by Azerbaijan, which numbers over 4500 species. 97 species of mammals, 357 - birds, about 100 species of fish, 67 species and subspecies of amphibians and reptiles, about 15 thousand insects, 1 species of cyclostomes live on the territory of the republic. In general, there are 18 thousand species of fauna in the country.

On the territory of Azerbaijan there are deposits of over 155 types of minerals: gold, mercury, copper, lead, zinc, facing stones, sawdust, cement raw materials, building stones, pumice, volcanic ash, clay, gravel, construction sand , gypsum, anhydride, perlite, obsidian, vermiculite, colored stones and so on. There are also fresh underground and mineral waters.

Red Book

The Red Book of Azerbaijan was first published in 1989. The book contains more than 100 species of representatives of the animal world and 140 species of plants.

At the same time, 4 species of mammals, 8 species of birds, 1 species of fish, 3 species of amphibians and reptiles, 8 species of insects and 27 species of plants were included in the "Red Book of the Azerbaijan Republic" and since 1990 -s are under the protection of the state.

Specially Protected Natural Areas

In order to preserve the natural heritage of the country, 13 state nature reserves, 6 national parks and 21 state nature reserves were created on its territory.

In the 90s of the twentieth century, the Sarsang reservoir played an important role in the economy of the republic, irrigating in fact 78,000 hectares of land.

Ecology of Azerbaijan - ecological situation in Azerbaijan

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