Ecological tourism in Russia: places and routes

Ecological tourism in Russia: places and routes

Tourism is travel and recreation in places outside the permanent residence. Someone loves a passive pastime by the sea on a sandy beach, occasionally interrupted by excursions in the surrounding area. Others prefer skiing, rafting, climbing mountains, going to Africa, taking part in safari.

Recently, ecotourism has begun to gain popularity. This phrase often means travel to places that are little touched by civilization or even wild. But it is not so. The concept of ecological tourism is much broader. Being surrounded by virgin nature is not his only goal. It also includes agritourism - temporary residence in the countryside. This type of recreation will be especially interesting for people who have never lived in the village.

To look at the life of rural residents from the inside, get new impressions, hide from the hustle and bustle of city life, get acquainted with the local culture - the goal of a new type of recreation. A prerequisite is the absence of industry and multi-storey buildings. Usually, tourists who want to live in the bosom of nature and breathe in the fresh air are accommodated in separate housing or rooms located directly in the houses of the owners. If desired, vacationers can join the daily affairs of rural residents: hunting, grazing and feeding animals, picking berries, mushrooms, and medicinal herbs. You can try your hand at weaving baskets, making clay products, as in some villages there are still traditional folk crafts.

The basic principles of ecotourism: acquaintance with the spheres of activity of the local population, environmental education of people, assistance in environmental protection, reducing the negative impact on the nature of technological progress. An important task is to create the necessary conditions for economic growth in rural areas, improve the welfare of local residents.

To create an ideal holiday, rural tourism must have a developed infrastructure. Still, despite the desire to live among nature, almost all city dwellers prefer the presence of comfort. Therefore, uninterrupted transport links between villages are an integral part of the successful development of agritourism. It is good to have small cozy cafes or taverns stylized in antique style on the territory of the rest. Necessarily must be organized services that provide various services for leisure activities, providing information, serving guests. Even now, in spite of the fact that ecological tourism is just emerging in Russia, there are a considerable number of foreigners who want to visit our country for the purpose of rest in the countryside.

There is a lot to see in Russia. Unique places are national parks. These are protected areas with amazing landscapes and natural sites open to the public. Visiting such places, a person involuntarily feels a merger with nature, feels its beauty and pricelessness.

Adopting the experience and knowledge of foreign colleagues, one can not only contribute to the protection of nature, improve the health of people in ecologically clean places, but also make a considerable profit. For foreign guests, many places in our country are exotic. Therefore, by competently developing ecological tourism, one can achieve excellent results in this area, which have been achieved by France, Italy, Great Britain, the United States, and some Balkan countries. There are all the prerequisites for this.

For example, the Kaliningrad region has an amazing national park located on the Curonian Spit. There are very beautiful places with sand dunes. The park is also famous for the fact that almost 150 species of birds run through its territory.

There is a state biosphere reserve in the Astrakhan region, which has preserved endangered plant species that are of great interest to people.

Karelian nature, rich in untouched forests and numerous lakes, is great for ecotourists. There are two famous museum-reserves on the territory of the republic: Kizhi, Valaam and three national parks. Karelia is also called the "lungs" of Europe because of the huge forest area, consisting mainly of coniferous trees.

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