Ecological tourism in Moscow and the region

Ecological tourism in Moscow and the region

Now the ecological situation leaves much to be desired, unfortunately. A huge number of tourists from all over the world leave piles of garbage behind them, not caring about nature. We are, first of all, for pure rest. Ecological tourism in Russia is something that will help us learn to treat nature with care, as they have already learned to do in Western countries. The main mistake of most tourists is that they believe that they are getting an ecological rest. But this is not the case. The real rest consists in communicating with nature alone, in contact with it, and not dragging along the numerous benefits of civilization, which will not protect us from the same city in any way. The same noises, the same screens that strain our eyes, the same loud music. The organization of high-quality ecological tourism is our strong point, what we can offer you right now to fully recuperate and strengthen your health.

Why ecological tourism

Now many children of large concrete cities do not even know how certain plants grow, how pets develop and live on the farm. They are accustomed to supermarkets and television programs, but most of them no longer have the same “grandmother in the village” to which they could go for the whole summer. Ecological tourism in our country - Russia is already beginning to suggest itself. Is it possible to deprive children of the pleasure of communicating with nature? After all, many children's books contain photographs of animals, children willingly study their sounds, but at the same time they do not have the opportunity to see it all with their own eyes.

Thanks to our company, the highest level of ecological recreation in Russia is available to you right now. This is the best solution for truly resting and recuperating. The organization of ecological tourism is not an easy task, we make it interesting so that you can enjoy all the delights of this type of vacation.

What is ecological tourism

Ecological tourism is a quality life in the countryside. That is, you will not be burdened with such hard physical labor that rural residents constantly do, but you will be able, if you wish, to actively participate in every type of work. Ecological tourism in Russia is usually especially vividly remembered for harvesting, where everything can be tasted right on the field or in the garden. What has grown in our fields is much tastier if you try it all freshly harvested, so this kind of relaxation will especially appeal to people who adhere to a vegetarian diet. Communication with pets is also very interesting, because you can stroke, touch, feed them, and if you have never tried yourself as a milkmaid, then it's time to try how hard it is to get natural milk. From our side, the organization of ecological tourism means that you always have access to the minimum benefits of civilization, such as a high-quality bathroom, refrigerator, Internet. Giving up on the Internet would be very helpful, but at the same time, many of us, even on vacation, cannot refuse to solve certain cases. We understand this. For example, abroad there are towns for ecological recreation, at the entrance to which people hand over all their mobile phones to a safe, and in case of violation of the rules, guests of ecological camps are evicted unconditionally.

Our rules are not so strict, but try to know when to stop when dealing with civilization. Upon your return, you will still have time to communicate with her in such a way that you will get bored, and you will wait for the next rest in order to retire with nature. Ecological rest in Russia is also good because we have a very mild climate and very fertile lands, so it will be interesting anyway.

Why is there such a holiday?

The fact is that any modern hotel or recreation center will be too noisy, they will not allow you to fully relax. Now in the tourism sector there is even such a term as "rest without rest". A change of scenery is always good, but not when you are chained in a dress code or are constantly distracted by laptops, smartphones, TVs, stereos, discos, car use, which, by the way, is also very tiring for both drivers and passengers. Ecological rest in Russia is also about teaching people to the rules of behavior in nature, because only using its benefits can you fully understand how much we can harm it. Now all public recreation places are very littered, while often garbage is not cleaned up after itself, they damage living trees, dig large garbage pits instead of picking it all up and throwing it into a container. Now there is even such a thing as environmental education. Choosing such a vacation as a family, you make an excellent contribution to the future of our country.

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