Ecological tourism in Malaysia

The best resorts of Malaysia: where to go for an enchanting vacation in Asia

Malaysia is a country that is inferior in the flow of tourists to the more visited Thailand or Vietnam, but travelers who are tired of the "classics" go to Malaysia for a vacation. Local resorts fascinate with exoticism, originality, beauty, extravaganza of feelings.

In Malaysia, you can not only enjoy your vacation surrounded by beautiful nature, but also take cognitive excursions to its historical sights. The high popularity of this country among tourists is due to its comfortable and clean beaches. Seekers of seclusion can stay in almost "wild" places, at the same time, equipped enough to make such a holiday comfortable.

Penang Island in Malaysia - Wild Exotic Paradise

The picturesque island of Penang is my favorite place in Malaysia, which is located in the western part of this country. The island's capital, Georgetown, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. And this is no coincidence, because there are many attractions of interest to the inquisitive traveler:

  • Fort Kornvalis is a fortress, opened at the end of the 18th century, the construction was carried out by the British, who turned Malaysia into a colony. The ticket costs 20 ringgit, the price includes inspection of the exhibition and old cannons.
  • The Kek Lok Si Temple is the most beautiful cathedral in Southeast Asia, the building recently celebrated its 100th anniversary, it is made in the Chinese style. Visiting the temple is free, and 2 ringgit will be charged for entering the pagoda.
  • Temple of the Goddess of Mercy - although outwardly this cathedral does not differ in splendor or pomp, tourists really like it, it is the oldest temple on the island. Admission is free, the main thing is to follow the traditional rules of conduct.
  • Captain Keling's Mosque is an interesting place for those who wanted to visit the Taj Mahal, but haven't made it to India yet. I recommend arriving here shortly before closing time (17:00) to see the beautiful lights come on in the evening.

With the beaches on Penang Island, things are worse - yes, there are few tourists here, there are many vacant places, but one can only dream of the cleanliness of coastal waters, the proximity of industrial centers affects. If you go here to sunbathe, then choose the Batu Ferringhi area - tourism is more or less well developed here, there is infrastructure for vacationers.

Langkawi Island - a pearl on the border with Thailand

In the northern part of Malaysia, there is another unique island - Langkawi, which is part of the archipelago of the same name. Langkawi is the most popular tourist destination, positioned as the choice of wealthy guests. In fact, the prices here are affordable, renting accommodation and buying food is affordable even for budget travelers. The main advantage of the island is the abundance of clean and well-groomed beaches. So, I recommend to rest:

  • Chenang is the most visited beach, located 5 km away. from the airport. Among the features - the coastline, stretching along the main street and the ridge of hotels, restaurants, shops. This does not affect the quality of recreation, since the infrastructure is located at a short distance. Nearby is the Langkawi Underwater World karting track and oceanarium.
  • Tengah is another almost ideal beach south of Chenang. This place has a more modest size, the length of the coastline is only 1 km, but there are fewer tourists, especially in the southern part. In the north of the beach, there are many activities and water attractions - from paragliders to motorcycles and bananas. The only drawback is the sharp entry into the water.

There are over two dozen large beaches on the island of Langkawi, so choose for every taste - everything is quite comfortable, beautiful, there is no dominance of tourists, but there are many free places.

Pangkor Island - Malaysia for Relaxation

The best resorts of Malaysia: where to go for an enchanting vacation in Asia

Exotic East and pragmatic West, past and present, tropical parks and skyscrapers, temples of five religions and tribes of skull hunters - all these seemingly incompatible things have merged into a single whole in Malaysia. Despite the economic boom, it is still a country of villages, jungle, rice fields and pristine white beaches. The high level of service and good logistics make it possible to combine all types of recreation in Malaysia - sightseeing, beach, family and active.

When is the best time to go

There are no distinct seasons in the land of eternal summer. Air humidity and water temperature also vary slightly throughout the year. The amount of precipitation depends on the monsoon winds blowing from the southwest in summer and from the northeast in winter. This explains the difference in weather between coasts in mainland Malaysia. On the west coast, on the islands of Langkawi and Penang, it rains more often from May to September, on the east coast resorts - Tioman and Redang, from October to May. Some hotels on the East Coast islands may be closed between November and February.

On the island part of Malaysia, in Sarawak and Sabah, it rains frequently, sometimes for 2-3 days. The sunniest time in these states is March-October.

Beach Vacation

There are hundreds of beaches in Malaysia, each of which deservedly claims to be a protected paradise. Most hotels provide sun loungers and umbrellas to their guests free of charge. "Aliens" will pay 12-15 MYR for them. But you can sit on your towel for free. Prices on the page are for March 2020

The most popular beach on the island of Langkawi is the two-kilometer-long, crowded Chenang with white sand and occasional splashes of shell rock. It has a wide coastline and developed infrastructure - cafes, shops, equipment rental. Quiet Pantai Kok with clear turquoise water is located in a protected bay where kids can splash around. It is surrounded by green jungle, for which it is especially appreciated by lovers of nature and relaxation.

The beaches of Penang are chosen by those wishing to combine relaxation with sightseeing in the capital of the island of Georgetown. Fans of fine dining and lively nightlife prefer the legendary Ferringhi Beach with its soft, fine sand, which stretches along the winding Jalan Batu Ferringhi Road. It is a popular destination for water sports: parasailing, windwerfing, water skiing. But its bottom is silted in many places, which is why the transparency of the water leaves much to be desired.

Pangkor Island is prized for its privacy, lush tropical vegetation, coral reefs and emerald-colored waters. Here you can settle down well and inexpensively, which is especially appreciated by families with children and divers.

Tioman Island off the east coast of Malaysia is one of the ten cleanest islands in the world. Its beaches Salang, Juara, Paya and Genting are located in secluded coves and are linked by trails that run through the jungle. This is a real paradise for diving and snorkeling lovers. But you will have to forget about the nightlife.

Malaysia is a country that is inferior in the flow of tourists to the more visited Thailand or Vietnam, but travelers who are tired of the

Malaysia is a mixture of ethnic groups, their religions, cultures. But still not many people realize that this is one of the most comfortable, friendly, technically advanced resorts on the map of world tourism. And the main feature of the country is cleanliness, tranquility, virgin nature, inherent only in new tourist routes. Malaysia is considered by many to be the capital of modern eco-tourism.

Malaysia on the world map

In Asia, on an area of ​​more than 300 thousand square meters. km is Malaysia. Its eastern part is the island of Kalimantan, the western part of the country is the Malacca Peninsula.

East Malaysia is surrounded by several seas: Sulu, Sulawesi, the South China Sea. Neighbors of the Eastern part of the country: Indonesia is the southern neighbor, Brunei is the northern neighbor.

West Malaysia is also surrounded by the South China Sea (in the east). The west of this part of Malaysia is washed by the Strait of Malacca. West Malaysia has 2 neighboring countries: Thailand (northern neighbor), Singapore (southern neighbor).

Another neighbor of Malaysia is the Philippines, which are separated from the country only by the waters of 2 straits (Balabak, Alis).

Continental Malaysia is famous for its mountainous relief pattern, which consists of several ridges that cross the country from north to south. The flat part of Malaysia is a small coastal area.

East Malaysia is also mountainous. The mountain ranges of this part of the country are unevenly located, in contrast to West Malaysia. The surface of the coastal zone is flat.

The highest point of the continental part of the country (2187 m) is at Gunung Tahan. The highest point in the East of the country (4101 m) was recorded in the city of Kinabalu (state of Sabah, Crocker ridge).

In 2005, Putrajaya became the administrative center of Malaysia, where the government was relocated. And only 20 km from it is the capital - Kuala Lumpur.

Basic information

About 32 million people live in Malaysia. 30% of them are under 15 years old, 65% are people under 65 years old, 5% are people over 65 years old. Most of the country's inhabitants inhabit its West (about 80%).

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