Ecological problems of the Vladimir region

Ecological problems of the Vladimir region

Farmer cluster for growing organic products and organizing green rural tourism

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Kovrov TV, (Published on July 17, 2012)

Construction of a bio-vegetarian started in Kovrov

STRC "Vladimir", (Published on July 17, 2012)

Organic vegetables and berries will be grown in Kovrov

Today, in Kovrov, the first stone was laid in the foundation of a solar bio-vegetarium. The first not only in the region, but also in the country. Literally in 4 months everything will be different here. The use of solar energy, drip irrigation and completely environmentally friendly production. Its creators say: it is possible to grow truly high-quality products. If you use vermicompost - a product of processing organic waste by earthworms. That is, no chemical fertilizers or fertilizing. There are much more vitamins in such fruits. Such a system is unique not only for the region. It has no analogues in Russia. Research and Production Association "Green-PIK" plans to build another 285 such vegetariums, where even strawberries will grow all year round.

SERGEY KONIN, GENERAL DIRECTOR OF THE SCIENTIFIC AND PRODUCTION ASSOCIATION "GREEN-PIK": "These 285 eco-farmers will have the opportunity to earn money all year round, growing here the best that can be grown today. These are environmentally friendly products. Solar vegetation allows us to produce on the principle of a green conveyor. 365 days a year we plant seedlings, 365 days a year we should harvest here. And this is all real. "

Kovrov TV, (Published on May 28, 2012)

Birthday of Ecopark "Suzdal. A festive event dedicated to the opening of the season" Summer-2012 ", which took place on May 26 on the bank of the Glazovsky reservoir.


Journal "Arguments and Facts - Vladimir"

Country of green vitamins

Environmental problems occupy a special place among the main challenges of our time. In the process of development of the human community, its impact on the environment has greatly increased. A conflict arises between the use of nature and the natural processes that regulate the balance in the biosphere.

Recently, there has been a reduction in forests, soil degradation, an increase in the pollution of rivers, water bodies and air. Let's consider a number of the main environmental problems of the Vladimir region and possible ways to solve them.

Let's make our city cleaner! Hand over secondary raw materials in Vladimir:

Air pollution

The atmosphere is constantly emitted: dust, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, resulting in such phenomena as "acid rain". They are detrimental to forests and agricultural lands, have a toxic effect on rivers, lakes, soils, and also have a detrimental effect on human health.

In the Vladimir region, vehicles pollute the air with exhaust gases, which is about 30% of the total mass of pollution, and more than 50% in the regional center of Vladimir. It is not only the air that suffers, the soil near highways is polluted, saturated with heavy metals and oil products, the condition of soil, water and vegetation is deteriorating.

Atmospheric pollution has an adverse effect on human health, there is an increase in the number of diseases of the cardiovascular system and respiratory system. The city of Vladimir bears the greatest load; there is also an increased level of pollution in the cities of Kolchugino, Gorokhovets, Kovrov, Gus-Khrustalny, and Murom.

Thermal power, metalworking, mechanical engineering, agriculture, light and chemical industries, as well as the production of building materials, have a great influence on environmental pollution.

Required activities:

  • Creation and installation of gas and dust collection facilities.
  • Elimination of the main sources of environmental pollution.
  • Introduction of low-waste technologies and production.
  • To reduce air pollution from the influence of road transport:
  • Transition of road transport to the use of gaseous fuels.
  • Construction of new bypass roads for the withdrawal of transit road transport from the city.
  • Regulation and constant control over the equipment of cars, equipment with auto-neutralizers of harmful emissions.
  • To reduce the harmful effects of industrial enterprises:
  • Improvement of production technologies that will lead to minimization of the emission of harmful gases into the atmosphere.
  • Optimization of installations for treating gas emissions from thermal power plants and large boiler houses.

Water pollution

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While the central regions of Russia cannot boast of mountainous or seascapes, there are places where the spirit of freedom is best felt. Beautiful plains, forests, rivers and lakes, fields and meadows all around - in a word, space. And many of these places are still ecologically clean natural oases.

What is ordered to protect

In ancient times, European Russia was a virgin southern taiga. Unfortunately, these times are already in the past, most of the forests are now secondary. Therefore, protected natural areas are essential. And each of them has its own characteristics. For example, the Belogorye nature reserve, which includes the Bald Mountains and the Yamskaya Steppe, has an ecological school. "Kologrivsky Les" actively develops ecotourism, several trails have already been developed.

A truly unique natural site - Meschera National Park. On its territory, traces of the presence of an ancient man were found. The place has a rich history, which is closely connected with the main industry of Vladimirskaya Meshchera: the production of glass and crystal.

The Prioksko-Terrasny State Natural Biosphere Reserve named after Mikhail Zablotsky is one of the smallest in Russia, an island of wildlife in the most densely populated region. Its main feature is the presence of bison on the territory, which recently stood on the brink of extinction. Since 2004, they can be "adopted".

The specially protected area of ​​the Asafovy Gory archipelago is a truly amazing and unique place in its beauty, with sand dunes and micro-lakes, overgrown with undersized pines and birches. The mountains turned into islands during the construction of the Gorky reservoir, churches, monasteries, villages, the Annunciation Church built in 1700 were under water. One of the flooded monasteries (Krivoezersky) is depicted in Levitan's paintings "Quiet Cloister" and "Evening Bells".

Ecology with comfort

The European part of Russia can easily compete with the resort centers of our country in terms of the number of various recreation centers, health centers and sanatoriums. They are located in the most ecologically clean places and differ from each other in the complex of procedures and living conditions (from "economy" to "luxury").

The territory of the Krasivo health resort complex in the Belgorod region is located in a pine forest. There is a beach on the banks of the Vorskla River, terrenkur routes have been laid, and you can practice Finnish walking. At the same time, the surrounding nature is combined with a high level of comfort. The Obolsunovo sanatorium is interesting for its favorable location: about 100 kilometers to the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia. This makes it possible not only to undergo a course of treatment with sodium chloride water with a high bromine content (source in Obolsunovo), but also to make a trip to the historical places of Russia.

The Voronovo Treatment and Rehabilitation Center with the architectural and park ensemble of the old estate allows you to feel the historical spirit of the place, the Troitskoye recreation center is surrounded by a forest.

There are also a number of suburban ecological hotels with an increased level of comfort: Cronwell Park Yakhonty Tarusa, Welna Eco Spa Resort, Tsargrad, Imperial Park Hotel and SPA and others.

Full immersion

Those who are always in search of something new and curious will be interested in places where amazing nature is combined with ancient history. These places include the Ethnomir cultural and educational center in the Kaluga region. Unique excursions are held here that introduce visitors to national cultures, various folklore, thematic festivals and master classes are held. Another highlight is 12 unique ethnic hotels, so if you want to completely immerse yourself in the world of a completely different culture, then this is the place for you.

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