Astrakhan Biosphere Reserve

? The tour will be implemented in accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor

Individual excursion - from 7500 rubles for a group of 1-3 people (see below)

The Astrakhan Biosphere Reserve is located in the Volga delta, where the great Russian river branches into hundreds of branches, channels, and eriks. True connoisseurs of nature come to the Astrakhan reserve from different parts of the world to get acquainted with the protected nature of the region: to see the unique landscapes of the Volga delta, to smell the blossoming lotus and to watch the birds that live here, nest or stop for rest.

Tour program: 09:00 - departure from the city by bus. 10:30 - arrival at the reserve. 10:30 - 13:00 - excursion around the reserve (short route) 14:00 - 14:30 - return to the city.

(For an additional fee, it is possible to organize lunch - 600 ₽ per person)

What is the short route of the reserve: It starts from the central cordon of the Damchik section of the reserve, where the participants of the excursion are accommodated in long motor boats.

After going by boats for about three kilometers, visitors get to the beginning of the walking section of the ecological trail. The 1.7-kilometer route is a wooden trail raised above the ground. In the center of the lotus thickets, a floating observation platform is installed, from where a beautiful view of the "Old Volga" opens. This is one of the main branches, which was previously considered the main channel of the Volga

The walking tour ends at the floating pier where guests board the boats again. Along the banks you can see a raccoon dog, a wild boar, and sometimes American minks, snakes and snakes swimming across the channels. Among the representatives of the avifauna, one can note the night heron, herons, river ducks, and hear the singing of birds of the forest complex. The route is equipped with information signs and stands.

See the rules of conduct in the reserve

Tourist and excursion activities are carried out by the Astrakhan State Reserve in accordance with clause 41 of the "Regulations on the reserve" only on excursion and ecological routes (the list is approved by Appendix 12 to the "Regulations"). REMEMBER that you are on the territory of the reserve, where any activity is prohibited that contradict the objectives of the reserve and the regime of special protection of its territories. VIOLATION of the established regime or other rules for the protection and use of the natural environment and natural resources on the territory of the reserve and its protected zones INVOLVES the imposition of an administrative fine, and damage caused to natural objects is subject to compensation. The legislation of the Russian Federation establishes criminal liability for violation of the regime of state nature reserves. (clauses 61 - 63 of the “Provisions on the reserve”).

In order for you to have only wonderful impressions of the nature of the delta of the great Russian Volga River after visiting our reserve, we ASK YOU TO FOLLOW THE RULES OF VISITING tourist and excursion routes. In accordance with Art. 9 of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation "On Specially Protected Natural Areas" of 14. 3. 5 No. 33-FZ and p. 4 "Provisions on the reserve" (extraction) on the territory of the reserve IT IS FORBIDDEN: - finding, passage and passage of unauthorized persons, automobile, water and air transport, without the permission of the administration and escort of the staff of the reserve; - the flight of aircraft below 2000 meters over the reserve without agreement with its administration or the Ministry of Natural Resources of the Russian Federation, as well as overcoming the sound barrier by aircraft over the territory of the reserve; - violation of the soil cover; - procurement of medicinal plants, as well as collection and procurement of wild fruits, berries, mushrooms, nuts, seeds, flowers and other uses of the flora; - commercial, sports and amateur hunting and fishing, other types of use of the animal world; - collection of zoological, botanical and mineralogical collections (without appropriate scientific agreements between the reserve and scientific institutes); - introduction (import and settlement) of living organisms for the purpose of their acclimatization; - the use of chemicals to combat insect pests, other substances and preparations. ATTENTION! ON THE WATER ROUTE, it is STRONGLY FORBIDDEN to be intoxicated and to drink alcoholic beverages. If an VIOLATION is detected, the service is terminated, the excursion boat (boat) returns to the base, and CLAIMS for the refund of payment WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. It is also FORBIDDEN to drink alcoholic beverages (including beer) on the territory of the cordon and in places of public catering (canteen). During excursions by water transport, when embarking and disembarking from boats, it is strictly FORBIDDEN to make sudden movements, get up, move from place to place, wave your arms and perform other actions that may lead to the vessel overturning or people or objects falling overboard. Swimming in the cordon and from boats is FORBIDDEN. It is strictly FORBIDDEN to find ANY PETS on the territory of the cordon, indoors and in boats.

Note: The leader of the group is responsible for the implementation of the rules of conduct by the members of the group and their observance of safety measures during the entire period of the provision of excursion (tourist) services.

Route options for an individual trip (cost from 7500 ₽ for a group of 1 to 3 people):

Astrakhan Biosphere Reserve

FUN AND Cognitive - IS IT REAL?

Do you want to spend a vacation with the whole family or send your child on vacation so that it is not only fun and interesting, but also to gain useful knowledge, vivid impressions and make new friends?


We invite you and your children to take part in the Field Ecological Practice of the Astrakhan Reserve. The age of the participants is from 10 years and older. Each shift lasts 6 days.


Knowledge and positive emotions, communication with the protected nature does not leave indifferent either adults or children! You not only get acquainted with the nature of the Volga delta, but also study its interconnections, the mechanisms of competent human interaction with the outside world. The main direction of the Field Practice is to develop your interest in the further study of nature, to teach you to see in nature what you did not notice before! You will become our helpers in nature conservation! We were visited by people from many parts of Russia - Moscow, Siberia, the Urals, Kalmykia and Mordovia.



Organized groups of children from a school or circle, accompanied by adults, appointed by order of the sending organization. At the same time, a shift of 15 to 20 children is formed. For 5 children - one accompanying adult. However, accompanying adults are admitted free of charge!

Several families with children, while the legal representatives of each child are participants in the Conservation Field Practice and are responsible for it. A shift is formed when 12 participants are recruited.

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