Cuba: An Unforgettable Journey: Description

Cuba: An Unforgettable Journey: Description

Holidays on Liberty Island, despite its geographical remoteness from Russia, are very popular among tourists. They are confident that, having paid a significant amount for the flight, they will eventually get a gorgeous experience of endless beaches, the beautiful exotic nature of the Caribbean Islands, and a drop of revolutionary surroundings. Excursions in Cuba will significantly expand the knowledge of guests about this amazing island and its attractions.

Capital excursions in Cuba

The main treasure of Cuba is nature, it is on it that excursion tourism is based. Guests are shown picturesque landscapes, captivating landscapes, acquaint them with the inhabitants of national parks and underwater depths. Of the cities, the most attractive in the eyes of guests is, of course, the capital Havana, especially the historic district - Old Havana, which is under the supervision of UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.

A walk around the city will take from 2 to 6 hours (depending on the interests of the tourist), but it will give unforgettable meetings with bright architectural structures against the backdrop of Cuban flavor. From the masterpieces of local and foreign architects in Havana, you can see the following objects:

  • The 18th century Cathedral of Saint Christopher;
  • The Capitol is larger than its Washington counterpart;
  • La Real Fortress -Fuersa, built in 1583;
  • Santa Clara, a monastery complex built in 1644.

A special walk can be made through the Havana squares, each of which has its own unique look. The most popular squares of the Cuban capital are: Old, Cathedral with the main cathedral located here and the Armory. Already from the names of these objects of urban development, it is clear that they have a long history and are associated with the glorious pages of life in Havana.

Travel to the Cuban province

You can only feel the real Cuba by leaving the capital, going to cozy provincial cities and towns. For fans of ecological tourism, there is a direct road to the province of Havana, here you can find many quiet, cozy beaches.

An excursion to the village with a long and complex name, Santa Cruz del Norte, will be remembered by adult tourists as the birthplace of the visiting card of Liberty Island - Cuban rum. Cuba's second brand is cigars, one of the most famous Cuban factories located in the town of Pinar del Rio. In addition, here you can admire the Guash Palace, get acquainted with interesting artifacts stored in the local Museum of Natural Sciences.

In the lap of nature

But it is not Cuban cities that attract the attention of tourists from the other hemisphere, city sights are viewed as if in transit. The main goal of travelers is to get acquainted with the exotic nature of Cuba and other islands belonging to the state.

Excursions in Cuba

The best excursions in Cuba: prices and reviews

Where else can you feel the spirit of freedom from heels to crown, if not in Cuba ?! The island of freedom traditionally attracts those who, at least once in their lives, dared to rebel: against a car parked on the lawn, against a boor who climbed in without a queue, against the presumptuous head of the housing office. And even if you don't wear a T-shirt with a portrait of Ernosto Che Guevara, on the Cuban streets, you can easily immerse yourself in the atmosphere of all-conquering equality and brotherhood. Especially if you go on a good excursion in Cuba with a Russian guide.

We are ready to revolutionize your mind right now :) by telling where and how experienced travelers buy excursions in Cuba in Russian. We will definitely talk about the prices for excursions in Cuba and find out what the price tag depends on. We will study what tourist destinations in the country are in greatest demand, and what sights are offered to visit for guests of Varadero and Havana. And in order to plan the perfect trip in the end, we read the reviews of tourists who returned safe and sound from the Cuban adventure :).

Where to buy excursions in Cuba per year

An interesting excursion in Cuba chosen and booked at home is the best solution, and here's why. When traveling alone, there are too many headaches. At the very least, you will have to draw up a route for visiting attractions. And who can tell you where the best Pina Colada is made? How much do you have to drink before you get to the truth ? Attempts to find a worthy tour in local agencies will also turn out to be a failure - with a Russian guide, you are unlikely to be offered a program. At most - a Russian audio guide, which, you yourself understand, mutters something to himself according to a template - without enthusiasm and without a sparkle in his eyes.

Answer to the question "Where is the best place to buy excursions in Cuba?" there can be only one - only the Tripster! Only hard rock! ? This popular online service announces the author's excursion programs of Russian guides and invites you to talk to the organizer before booking, specifying all the nuances of the planned trip. You can order excursions in Cuba with the help of the Tripster in a few clicks, without getting up from your home couch or without taking your fifth point from your office chair - and no bustle, fuss, ring-backs, or a hasty prepayment. You will be able to make a deliberate and balanced decision that you will not regret. And you will also get guarantees that the excursion will definitely take place, and the advance paid online as confirmation of the reservation will be returned, even if the trip does not take place due to your fault.

Prices for excursions in Cuba for the year

No trip can be planned without knowing the prices and tariffs - for accommodation, tickets, meals, entertainment, excursions. You can not guess how much excursions in Cuba cost, because we will define clear boundaries - individual excursions in Cuba cost from 65 to 280 euros. It is important to understand that there is a fixed fee for individual programs on the Tripster, which is handed over to the guide personally, regardless of the number of participants. For example: an excursion for 1-4 people costs 80 euros, which means that both one guest and, say, a family of 4 are obliged to give the guide the entire amount. And if you spend 80 euros for four? It turns out that everyone needs to pay only 20 euros for participation. Not so much money, you must agree, considering that for it you will get, say, a 6-hour private sightseeing tour of Havana in a retro convertible.

When studying prices, it is worth remembering what the cost of excursions in Cuba depends on. From the format - this is the first: participation in a group tour is usually cheaper than in an individual excursion (read about the exception in the example above). Hiking around this or that Cuban city will cost, again, cheaper than outbound tours in a comfortable passenger car. The price also depends on the content of the program. Classical "reviews" are cheaper than various thematic programs - popular quest excursions today, trips to tobacco plantations with a flight on a zip-line, Hemingway tours or gastronomic immersions in the world of Cuban cigars and rum. Do you want to save and buy at the best price excursions in Cuba? There are two ways - to ask for a guide discount during online correspondence, or to wait for a red flag with the size and duration of the discount to appear on the program you like.

Excursions in the cities of Cuba

Havana and Varadero are considered the centers of attraction for tourists from all over the world - in them the tourism industry is better developed, and there are plenty of interesting locations. Not sure what excursions to visit in Cuba? Tripster and Russian guides will tell you, and the reviews of tourists will help you decide. The choice of excursion programs is really impressive, so your acquaintance with Havana and Varadero will not be reduced to a banal “overview” a la “don't go here, go there” ? If you have time, try to negotiate with your Russian guide about a trip to other Cuban cities - Camaguey, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara, where you can find old bastions that have protected residents from pirates for many centuries, and a mausoleum with the ashes of the legendary Che, and the old picturesque quarters, where tourists are rarely brought. While you are evaluating the variety of excursion programs on this page, we will tell you roughly what to expect when visiting the two largest Cuban cities.

Sightseeing tours in Cuba: prices and descriptions of excursions, what to see and what places to visit in Cuba - on vacation. at

Travel Features:

  • No visa required: Russian citizens do not need a visa for a stay of less than 30 days. Entry with a passport.
  • Insurance is required.
  • Overnight stays: in guest houses
  • Currency in Cuba (CUC - for settlements with foreigners). Course - 1 CUC = 0.92 EUR. It is desirable to take euros with you for exchange, you can also take dollars, but at a very unfavorable rate. At the bank of the airport, it is advisable to exchange the amount that you need for a taxi ride and the first day in Havana. odopad
  • Time in Cuba: GMT-8 (minus 8 hours from Moscow time).
  • Weather: in Havana it is warm and sunny, sometimes it rains (during the day + 20 ... + 30 ° С, at night + 18 ... + 22), In Vinales it is always a couple of degrees cooler than in Havana, the climate is more wet. Although it is not rainy season, there is always the possibility of rain.
  • Group size: from 4 to 12 people.
  • Mobile communications: roaming is quite expensive. A local SIM card costs 35 CUC. Internet by cards for 3 CUC per hour

Daily program


Arrival. Accommodation in a guest house (Casa).

The first collection of arrivals will take place at 16:00 at the guest house. Those who are tired can immediately rest after a long journey. Walk through Malecon - one of the most beautiful places in Havana. And although many of the houses are in dilapidated condition, a walk along the Atlantic Ocean is a great pleasure. Especially in the evenings. On the streets after dark it is quite safe. Dinner at the cafe.


Let's have breakfast and go for a walk in the center of Havana. We visit the Museum of the Revolution. It is located in the building of the former presidential palace. The museum halls display about 9,000 exhibits dedicated to the Cuban Revolution. The main exhibition deals with the events that took place in Cuba in the 1950s and 1960s. Behind the museum is a Russian self-propelled gun SU-100. The yacht "Granma" is installed under the glass ceiling behind the building. It was on it that the participants in the revolution led by Fidel Castro arrived in Cuba in 1956. Rockets can be seen nearby. During the Cuban missile crisis, they shot down the US spy plane Lockheed U-2. Nearby lie the twisted engines of an American plane.

If you wish, you can visit other museums at this time. After the museum, if we have time, we go by ferry to Casablanca. Dinner at the cafe.


We leave for Cienfuegos. On the way, we will stop at Playa Giron, a beach in the Bay of Pigs. The bay became famous after a military operation in 1961 by the Americans against revolutionary Cuba. US infantry and tank battalions landed at Playa Giron and Playa Larga, but were stopped by forces of the Fidel Castro government. The losses of the invaders were 114 killed and 1202 taken prisoners. Interference in the internal affairs of Cuba became one of the reasons for the USSR's deployment of medium-range nuclear missiles in Cuba. This led to the Cuban missile crisis, which almost cost humanity a third world war.

Is it worth going to Cuba? Let's get acquainted with the reviews and impressions of tourists from a vacation in Cuba. Find out what people think about prices in 2021, weather, beaches, excursions and activities on Liberty Island. Actual information about the rest in Cuba now, with a pandemic.

Socialist Cuba is a unique place. This country will either fall in love with you, or terribly pissed off you. Yes Yes! Rest in Cuba does not leave anyone indifferent: either they like it very much, or not by foot anymore. Let's find out why.

Exchange rate: 1 CUC = 1 USD = 25 CUP.

Tours to Cuba from 40 000 ₽/person. look at Level. ravel and Travelata is a search for all tour operators. Want to save money? Learn our 7 rules for buying tours online.

Holidays in Cuba now

According to the situation in February 2021 for tourists, the conditions of arrival in Cuba are quite loyal:

  • From January 10, 2021, a certificate with a negative covid test done no more than 72 hours before boarding is required.
  • You will also have to take a free PCR test right at the airport. If the result is positive, then the tourist will be hospitalized, and his companions will be isolated in the quarantine zone of the hotel.
  • Upon arrival, fill out a health questionnaire.
  • Use masks and gloves at the airport and during transfers. It is not necessary to wear a mask on site.
  • Have a voucher, return tickets, insurance.

Attention: from February 6, 2021, independent tourists will have to leave Cuba for a 5-day quarantine at the hotel at their own expense. From this, tourists who arrived in the country as part of an organized group, that is, on a voucher, are exempted. This is a temporary measure, which is planned to be canceled by March.

In November 2020, there was a collapse with Russian tourists. The fact is that the situation with covid in Cuba is very easy - there are very few infected and sick people, and there were almost no infected among Canadians (the main tourists of the country). And then the very first plane from Russia to Cayo Coco arrives as many as 11 infected. "What to do, how to be ?!" - the Cubans grabbed their heads and, in a panic, all COVID-positive tourists were sent to the Military Hospital with the conditions of a not at all 5-star hotel. Of course, tourists who paid 150-300 thousand rubles per tour are shocked. Fortunately, they will be accommodated at the Moron Hotel, a hospital hotel. The contacts turned out to be in better conditions, but also not very well - they were isolated in the quarantine building of Pullman Cayo Coco 4 *. The food is modest, you can't go out. So so vacation!

So if you don't want to sit in isolation, carefully read the rules for entering Cuba, buy travel cancellation and COVID-19 insurance.

What is Cuba for tourists? It is bright sun, clear blue water and endless white beaches. It is also coral reefs, a motley flat area with low hills, a tropical forest where exotic flora and fauna are present. In a word - heaven on planet Earth. Cuba will be a great choice to immerse yourself in bright colors and a relaxing atmosphere, it is not for nothing that it is also called the "Island of Freedom".

A paradise with beach resorts

On the outskirts of the island there are many different beach resorts, and in the center of the island you can find towns and villages inhabited by local indigenous people. Having visited such villages, you will not only get into the real atmosphere of Cuba, but also see many historical buildings. To roughly understand how much it costs to go to Cuba, you first need to find out where this wonderful island is located on the planet and how to get there.

Where is

Cuba is an island state located at the intersection of the borders of North, Central and South America. The Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean envelop it in their currents. The Florida Strait is between the United States and Cuba, and the Yucatan Strait is between Cuba and Mexico. On the opposite side of the Caribbean Sea is the southern part of America. The described island is the largest among many similar plots of land in the Caribbean, but many others are also part of the republic, in particular an island called Juventud.

Cuba Map

How to get from Moscow

There are several ways to fly to Cuba from Moscow. The first option may not be very cheap, but it will be fast and comfortable: a permanent direct connection by Aeroflot Moscow - Havana flight. The journey will last 12 hours, departure from the Sheremetyevo airport. The second option is a connecting flight. It all depends on your budget and preferences. You can use transfers in Paris (Air France), Amsterdam (KLM flight), Madrid (Iberia), Frankfurt (Condor flight).

If you decide to opt for a KLM flight, you will have to spend the night in Amsterdam, so it is worth taking care of a transit visa and a hotel in advance in case you are flying to Cuba on your own.

The journey with a transfer will take from 16 to 20 hours, depending on the chosen European airline. The cost of the flight starts at $ 700. Given this fact, the price of tours to Cuba will not be cheap.

Havana, Varadero and other popular destinations

Cuba's resorts are quite diverse and everyone can find a suitable paradise for themselves on the shores of the Caribbean Sea. Someone just wants to lie on the beach next to a beautiful hotel, someone would like to visit more local sights, and someone would like to go diving. Of course, the first option is the easiest, but if you want to see the real Cuba, you will have to get to it. So that you quickly decide where it is better to have a rest in Cuba, consider the favorite destinations of tourists, given the availability of air terminals:

    Havana. The most popular Cuban city. Here you will find most of the attractions, as well as chic restaurants with excellent cuisine. Everyone gets to Havana through the international airport Jose Marti.

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