Business plan for ecological tourism

Ecotourism business plan

Let's consider what ecotourism is (or, as it is also called ethno or rural tourism), how to start your own business in this direction, prospects, difficulties and other issues related to it.

This type of tourism implies the immersion of city dwellers in an environment that is radically different from their usual life. What is a usual pastime or work for the villagers is exotic and entertainment for office workers. Most of them never stoked the stove, milked a cow, chopped wood, etc. etc.

The best vacation, as you know, is a radical change in activity and place of residence.

Business idea: ecotourism in rural areas

This is what you have to offer them. But at the same time there should not be a complete separation from the outside world, there should be no problems with the road to the place of rest and, preferably, with satellite communications. Finding and selecting a place is perhaps the most important task. And, if there is an opportunity to invest, then it is best to choose a village yourself and buy a house there.

Business Organization

The very first step is to decide on a location. At a minimum, this should be one house in the village. It's good if there is a river and a forest nearby. It is desirable that the place be as less civilized as possible. That is, there must be electricity, but water supply, gas and other benefits of civilization are useless. If not for you, then your friends and acquaintances will definitely find such a house.

But even if you don’t find such "real estate" in your immediate surroundings, then nothing terrible will happen, just drive through the villages, and you will receive a lot of offers from local residents who will rent out for guests, if not a house, then at least a room. It is quite possible to do even with separate beds. This is not so convenient and will slightly increase the cost, but it is convenient because you do not have to invest in redecorating your home before starting work.

The next issue to be resolved is transport. At the moment, hiring the same minibus will not be difficult. If there is such an opportunity, then part of the path can be done in carts or on sleds - this will add a certain note of exoticism on the way to the resting place.

It is necessary to resolve the issue with food in advance. The easiest way is to negotiate with the locals. In this case, you do not have to worry about the preparation of the menu and the preparation of food. The only thing that most likely will have to take over is the purchase of products. And there is no doubt that many people will respond to such an offer, there is little work in the villages, so many do not mind getting additional income. Perhaps in this part you can start a related business on the trade of organic products.

How to keep customers busy

How can you interest potential customers? After all, they will not just come to look at the village, the guests should be occupied with what they may be interested in.

As mentioned above, first of all, you can occupy them with their usual village life. It can be anything: driving cows to pasture, chopping wood and kindling a stove, even some kind of gardening work - all that is impossible to do in the city. Collecting water from a well for a bath (in which you yourself will steam), milk a cow and taste real fresh milk for the first time - this is a real exotic for people living among the "stone jungle".

Ecological tourism is a novelty in the field of entertainment for city dwellers who are tired of noise, dust, crowds of people and civilization. What is common for a rural person is exotic for an urban person. This business has its own advantages: uniqueness and accessibility to people in almost any region. In addition, it does not require large investments and it is quite easy to find personnel for a low salary. Therefore, a business idea has its own perspectives. But it is necessary to develop an ecotourism business plan for the successful opening and organization of this business. We will present an example of it in this article.

Project Summary

We are opening our ecotourism facility 100 km from a large metropolis in a quiet, clean village, not far from the forest, where there is a large walking area. The plan is to start small, gradually expanding leisure opportunities and increasing the number of services. In our ecological resort there will be ordinary houses that we will rent from local residents, an area for a tent camp, we will rent a lake and an area for walking and leisure. The facility will operate every day without weekends and holidays. Applications are made by phone or online on a prepaid basis.

Main target audience:

  • Couples from 30 to 45 years old.
  • Families with children.
  • Groups of young people under 30.

There are practically no competitors in this area. You can form a business as you please, but with a focus on a specific target audience.

Analysis of potential risks will help reduce financial losses. Our ecotourism business plan with calculations will allow you to calculate costs, business investments and estimated profitability.

Registration and registration

At first, you can work without registration if the business is a means of additional income. If the number of clients increases and the direction develops, it will be necessary to register the company with the tax authorities. We will apply for the issuance of an individual entrepreneur certificate by choosing a simplified taxation system of 15%. You will also need to indicate the OKVED code 79, which allows us to work in the field of tourism.

Having paid a state fee to register an individual entrepreneur, you will need to obtain permission to keep people in the premises, on the territory, etc. We will also feed our guests, respectively, it is necessary to obtain permits from Rospotrebnadzor and SES.

In the modern world, many companies focus on environmental friendliness, which is why eco-business is now so popular and promising.

Each of us can choose his own idea of ​​ecological earnings and thereby benefit the Earth.

ways to make money from the environment while helping the planet

Working for a Green Company

One of the main ways to make money helping the planet is to work for a green company. After a little research, you will find many companies committed to sustainability.

Whether it's a non-profit organization like Sierra Club or Greenpeace, or a commercial corporation like Seventh Generation or Tesla, you have many career opportunities.

In addition, companies whose core business practices are not entirely sustainable sometimes run corporate social responsibility programs that focus on green initiatives.

In addition to large businesses, there are countless small businesses and start-ups that are also striving for a greener planet.

Second-hand store

Clothes that are bought through a second-hand market reduce the need to make a new item and thus save resources. Synthetic fibers like polyester require a lot of energy and oil to synthesize the fibers. Likewise, natural fabrics that are made from plants such as cotton and flax use millions of tons of water and harmful pesticides to grow crops, while making clothing from these fibers also has hazardous effects.

So, if you want to reduce your environmental impact, it's worth opening a second hand store. Read more about second-hand goods here: Should I buy second-hand things? Eco-friendly fashion.

Biofuel production

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