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At the moment, Australia, given the fact that it was created as a prison colony by the British, is one of the most popular destinations for recreation and tourism in the world. Australia attracts tourists from all over the world with its huge megalopolises, large skyscrapers, wonderful climate, beautiful beaches, ocean, as well as friendly attitudes of the country's residents towards tourists.

Australia is both a country and a continent. In terms of area, Australia ranks sixth in the world and it is not surprising that it has quite a lot of attractions, plant and animal species that are not found anywhere else in the world. From the Sydney Opera House to the sacred rock of Uluru, the Great Barrier Reef, which is located near the Gold Coast, Kakadu National Park, Phillip Island, Australia has many beautiful places that are unlike the rest. Lovers of the open air will love this country for its climate, variety of outdoor activities such as diving, surfing, swimming, mountain biking, as well as skiing, only water - all this is available due to the presence of seas and oceans that wash this country. Australia has everything for a good holiday that will be remembered for a long time.

Lovers of passive recreation in cultural centers and megacities, this beautiful country will undoubtedly delight its tourists. All Australian cities are clean, modern, new, cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra - the capital of Australia are megacities comparable to New York, Tokyo and many others. These cities are home to famous landmarks such as the Sydney Opera House and the Harbor Bridge, the Australian Museum and many others. Also in Australia there are many impressive restaurants with excellent cuisine for all tastes that will please even the most meticulous gourmet.

It doesn't matter that the purpose of the trip is to have an active holiday on the beach, calmly drinking Australian beer of which there are many varieties and brands, or just sightseeing, you can have a wonderful vacation in Australia.

The best month to visit Australia

Due to the pleasant and warm climate of the country, there is no unsuitable month for visiting this beautiful place - winter is no exception, which lasts there in May-August, the heat does not drop below 22 degrees. But the most wonderful time to visit this country is summer - November-February, due to the fact that during this period the weather is much better and hotter, but also during this period there are many events and celebrations and the streets of cities are much more joyful and fun.

Country Features

Australian Time

Australian time zone is GMT + 10, but from November to May this time becomes GMT + 11.

Australian tourism

Environmental issues in Australia

Now more than 65% of the country's territory has been developed. As a result of economic activity, the nature of Australia is under the threat of human change, no less than in many densely populated countries on other continents. Forests, which are so valuable for this country poor in forests, are disappearing catastrophically quickly, many animal species are under threat of extinction (for example, 17% of only mammalian species are included in the IUCN International Red Book), soil erosion and degradation of forage lands are increasingly spreading. In the main agricultural areas of the "wheat and sheep breeding belt" in the southeast and southwest of the mainland, the use of large tracts of land is difficult due to the processes of secondary salinization and accelerated erosion. Desertification is becoming as important a problem for Australia as it is for parts of Africa or Asia.

Green policy for the green continent

Australia is just one of the continents with a rather specific ecology, climatic conditions, nature and unique species of animals and plants. However, this uniqueness and originality can be easily lost due to serious and very dangerous environmental news from Australia: more and more active human intervention in the life of the green continent has a destructive effect on the flora and fauna of the mainland country.

Environmental problems in Australia are, without exaggeration, the problems of the entire population of the planet. This continent is very rich in resources such as precious metals. Naturally, this is a support for the Australian economy, and people are mining them tirelessly. Thus, during the extraction of minerals, the land is depleted, the subsoil cannot restore these resources. In addition, the strongest destruction of the soil occurs during excavations.

In order to find solutions to environmental problems in Australia, it is necessary to name their main causes.

The main environmental issues in Australia include:

Maintaining the economic situation, mining coal, iron, expensive metals, people do not realize that by doing so they are slowly killing and destroying the land, mistakenly believing that it is not depleted.

This problem could be corrected if people, in pursuit of money and profit, nevertheless realized that some time must be given so that resources can recover, for example, how the fish population increases in rivers and lakes by reproduction. Therefore, catching it does not cause huge damage to the continent. Instead, miners collect fossils so quickly, completely emptying those veins of gold without giving them time to heal.

By the way, forest and water resources are renewable. But if you spend them, exceeding all possible measures, then they can disappear. This, in fact, is starting to happen. People do not know the measure. They use natural gifts as if it is their property and they no longer live on this planet. And in the meantime, she is already suffocating from the depletion of resources.

It has been noticed that the natural resources of the Australian continent are used as intensively as coal, iron and other minerals are mined. Due to its compactness, Australia is very easy to analyze in terms of consumption of minerals, economy, dynamics of natural resources.

This is because Australia's system is not as large and complex as those in other countries. In addition, the continent's population is not very large. However, due to its uniqueness, Australia is more visible and vulnerable, on a par with Iceland, in terms of ecology.

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