All reserves and national parks of the Urals

All reserves and national parks of the Urals

In this article, we provide information about reserves and specially protected natural areas (SPNA) of the Urals.


Reserves and specially protected natural areas (SPNT) are divided on the territory of federal significance, they include all reserves and some natural parks, for example, the national park "Pripyshminskie Bory" in the Sverdlovsk region, the national park "Taganai" , on the territory of the Chelyabinsk region, etc. and specially protected areas of regional (oblast) significance.

The National Park is a specially protected natural area of ​​federal significance, which has a special nature conservation, ecological, educational and recreational value as a unique natural complex, exceeding 500 hectares in area, characterized by high natural diversity and the presence of rare or well-preserved typical natural communities, rare and vulnerable plant and animal species. The use of the territory of the national park is allowed for nature conservation, educational, scientific purposes and for regulated recreation of the population in places specially designated for this purpose (definition from Wikipedia). The main areas of activity of national parks: protection of the territory, carrying out educational work among the population, scientific research and biotechnical activities. In 1995, the Federal Law "On Specially Protected Natural Areas" was adopted, which regulated relations in the field of organization, protection and use of protected areas. According to this law, nature reserves and national parks are under the jurisdiction of federal government bodies. Funds for their maintenance come exclusively from the federal budget.

Specially protected natural areas (SPNA) of regional significance in the Urals include natural parks, reserves, including natural-mineralogical, botanical, ornithological, hunting and landscape, natural monuments, forest parks, dendrological gardens, resort areas, genetic reserves and special protective forest areas around wood grouse currents. These territories are financed and developed from the regional (regional) budgets.


Bashkiria is one of the most attractive regions for tourists in the Urals. The weather here is much milder and sunnier, and the infrastructure is more developed than in the rest of the region. The same goes for the local cuisine. On the territory of Bashkortostan, there are 229 protected areas of various categories.

State nature reserves:

Bashkir State Nature Reserve The Bashkir State Natural Reserve was approved and registered as an institution on June 11, 1930 with an area of ​​more than 49609 thousand hectares, in order to preserve and study the natural course of natural processes, phenomena in typical and unique, formed by millions years of mountain ecological systems of the Southern Urals, including representatives of European and Asian flora and fauna. The reserve is located in the northeastern part of the Burzyansky administrative region of the Republic of Bashkortostan. From the north-west it borders on the Beloretsk administrative region, from the north-east and east - on the Abzelilovskiy. The Bashkir Reserve is one of the seven oldest reserves in Russia.

Address: Burzyansky district, s. Starosubkhangulovo, Republic of Bashkortostan, 453580 Russian Federation

E-mail: info @ bashzapovednik. u Phone: (34750) 0-60-33 Fax: (34750) 0-60-33 . ashzapovednik. u

South Ural State Nature Reserve The South Ural State Nature Reserve was established on June 1, 1979 with the aim of preserving the unique natural complexes of the South Urals - mountain taiga spruce and fir forests, alpine plant communities and swamps. The reserve is located on the territory of two constituent entities of the Russian Federation - the Republic of Bashkortostan and the Chelyabinsk region. More than 90% of the reserve is located within the Beloretsk district of Bashkiria, on the territory of the Katav-Ivanovsky district of the Chelyabinsk region is a plot of 24 thousand aa. The total area of ​​the reserve is 252 thousand a. This is the largest nature reserve in Bashkortostan and the entire South Urals. 8-905-355-12-32 - director Alibaev F. 9-927-082-30-09 - deputy. security director V. Galiastanov 8- (34792) -7-68-11, 8-962-538-91-65 - Head of PHS-2 Fazylov F. . outh-ural-reserve. u/Email address: revet_zapoved @ mail. u

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