10 global environmental problems, each of which can destroy humanity

Environmental problems of foreign Europe

The development of European countries has led to environmental degradation. Harmful substances are released into the atmosphere, water and soil. Environmental problems in foreign Europe are acute and require immediate solutions.

Main environmental problems

Environmentalists assess the situation in European countries as difficult. The rapid development of production has led to an increase in the burden on nature. As a result, the region has become the most unfavorable for human living.

Many ecosystems have changed or been destroyed. But Europe is one of the regions where they are concerned about the existing threat to humans. The first steps were taken to combat it.

The following factors became the reasons for the aggravation of environmental problems in foreign Europe:

The influence of factors led to an aggravation of the situation. Environmentalists are busy looking for solutions to the problems. Many of them are invisible to humans. But under the influence of factors, the landscape changes, entire microecosystems disappear.

Key issues

Rhythm and standard of living lead to a number of environmental problems. The state of the environment is deteriorating every year. The characterization of the main environmental problems is the continuous pollution of air, water and soil.

Air Pollution

Against the background of an increase in the number of cars on the roads, the problem of air pollution in European countries is coming to the fore.

The exhaust gases include nitrates, heavy metals, benzene and other substances. They saturate oxygen, leading to environmental degradation.

A big problem is in large metropolitan areas, where the traffic flow does not decrease around the clock. The air is practically not cleaned by plants, since green spaces are present in small quantities.

Environmental problems of foreign Europe

What is the main danger to human life? Wars? Eruption of a supervolcano? A comet impact?

The life of the average person today is filled with comfort. He travels long distances in a private car, plane or train, his diet consists of a variety of dishes, and his health is monitored by a whole army of doctors who make up a unified healthcare system. But this is only at first glance. In fact, each of us is constantly faced with serious risks that we may not even be aware of. We are talking about global environmental problems.

Global Warming

The most serious threat is posed by global warming, which is causing active melting of glaciers and thinning of the Arctic sea ice. As a result, many species of Arctic animals, birds and plants were on the verge of extinction. Rains in low and high latitudes become more frequent and abundant, while in tropical and subtropical - on the contrary, the climate becomes more arid. The balance in ecosystems is disrupted, with frequent floods, droughts and hurricanes occurring around the world. And in 2018, American scientists proved a direct link between global warming and a sharp increase in the number of suicides. There is only one way to prevent this: to drastically reduce emissions of greenhouse gases and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Ozone depletion

Another problem faced by humanity is the destruction of the ozone layer. Since ozone, located at an altitude of 20-25 km above the Earth's surface, is a kind of filter that absorbs aggressive ultraviolet rays of the Sun, when the ozone layer depletes, people massively lose their eyesight, receive sunburn, which subsequently lead to the development of malignant skin tumors. In addition, marine ecosystems are endangered, as phytoplankton, which is the main link in the food chain, cannot develop normally when exposed to excessive exposure to hard UV radiation. The solution to this problem is based on the rejection of the use of freon gases, which most actively destroy the ozone layer.

World Ocean Pollution

For several years now, the scientific ecological community has been looking for technologies to solve such a problem as the pollution of the oceans with plastic waste. At the moment, five huge garbage islands have been discovered that drift in the waters of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian oceans and pose huge risks to all their inhabitants. Some animals and fish mistake microplastics for phytoplankton and mistakenly eat them. Chicks of seabirds are attracted by larger plastic pieces of bright colors, young birds swallow them, condemning themselves to painful death. At the moment, no effective ways out of this situation have been found. However, new concepts and ideas are constantly being proposed to the experts.

Air Pollution

The inhabitants of megalopolises are especially concerned about the problem of air pollution. Huge volumes of exhaust gases, emissions from enterprises envelop cities in a thick layer of smog, in which sometimes it becomes simply impossible to breathe. Hence, numerous health problems in adults and children. It is possible to clean the air from impurities through the reduction of road transport, the use of multistage purification systems at industrial enterprises, as well as through the widespread use of energy-saving technologies.

Lack of drinking water

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