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Greece active tourism

Magazine / Holidays in Greece: all the subtleties and nuances - "The Subtleties of Tourism" shares the best secrets. Detailed instructions, important life hacks and everything you need to know about the world of tourism - on the pages of "Subtleties".

  • . 25 minutes
Greece opens borders for tourists from Russia

The Greek economy, the consequences of joining the EU, measures to combat the recession and the economic crisis, the role of tourism in the development of the country

  • . 8 minutes

international tourism

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Balneological resorts of Georgia

Health Tourism in India India is a country that holds many secrets regarding the health of the human body. Many tourists choose the medical resorts of India. When

  • . 21 minutes
How to choose a font for a project: grotesque

Information about the events of the studio of contemporary dance "Grotesque". If you like to dance - do it with us.

  • . 17 minutes
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