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Educational films about mountain tourism

Geologists are unusual people of an unusual profession. The romance of their work has been praised by many films and books, and deservedly so. The hard work of the pioneers made it possible to raise a powerful industry in a matter of time, when the young country needed resources. Geologists with their gaze pierced the bowels of the earth and brought out their riches. hard and dangerous labor in the wild was only possible by strong and

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What you need to know about medical tourism

Medical tourism is a phrase used to describe all people who travel to other countries to receive medical treatment.

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space tourism

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Presence effect

People get into the mountains, get injured and often do not even know first aid techniques.

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Russia and Belarus open a new tourist season

The development of sports and tourism in Belarus has been of great importance for many years. The country has built sports grounds, leases and stadiums ready to host world championships. Find out about the main sports facilities in Belarus on the Belarus website. ravel

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