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Tourism is active in St. Petersburg

The Adventure Club offers all kinds of trips both in Russia and around the world! Rough rivers, mysterious unforgettable mountains and a lot of positive emotions - all this awaits you together with our tourist club!

  • . 21 minutes
Recreational tourism: concept, types, goals, features and development

Recreational tourism is one of the popular types of recreation that is combined with wellness treatments. These include thermal springs, therapeutic mud

  • . 12 minutes

religious tourism

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Hunting and fishing tourism: what is it, types and directions

Extreme tourism: types and features. Reasonable and correct approach to each of the methods of entertainment will bring not only unforgettable memories

  • . 19 minutes
Types of mountain tourism and their description, as well as the minimum required equipment

We talk about what types of mountain tourism are, what are its "charms" and what equipment you need to have so that everything goes without incident.

  • . 13 minutes
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