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Attractions of Primorsky Krai: 35 best with photos and descriptions

What is rafting on the rivers of Primorsky Krai? A short lyrical introduction and a small practical justification of the attractiveness of this type of active recreation.

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Tourist site of the Pskov region

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20 main rivers of the Samara region

If you want beautiful landscapes and vivid emotions - go on excursions on a motor ship along the Volga if you are planning a vacation in Samara in 2021. On your way - mountains, old estates, unique museums.

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Ready routes in the Samara region

The Samara River is a forest in the steppe, an exit from the harsh continental climate to a temperate one, from the mountainous Cis-Urals to the slightly hilly Volga region, from the Orenburg drought to the high-water Samara floodplain. And on this watercourse, there are enough settlements and recreations. The inhabitants of the shores are proud of the rich history of their land, and a hundred more fishing places ... General description The Samara River is 594 km long.

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