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Sanatoriums in Kislovodsk with treatment and swimming pool

Vacation season is in full swing, but Kavminvod hotels are still closed for vacationers. As well as public pump rooms in most resort cities. The situation was studied by "AiF-SK".

  • . 9 minutes
Medical tourism: to be treated in Russia or abroad

Medical tourism in China

  • . 22 minutes

mountain tourism

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What is a tourism cluster? Definition and concept

Many have probably heard the term "cluster" in the economic sphere. But not everyone knows and understands its exact meaning. This concept is also applicable to tourism activities.

  • . 22 minutes
Medical tourism

Tourism in Russia in the coming years will confidently stride in a health-improving direction. The authorities will try to prove that good rest is possible not only on the beach, but also in sanatoriums.

  • . 11 minutes
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