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Mountain tourism, features and organization

┬╗Mountain tourism, features and organization. | Description of extreme kinds of sports.

  • . 21 minutes
Country bath complex: luxurious ideas and chic modern projects

Water parks, saunas and baths in Minsk - prices and opening hours. Bath and thermal complexes: addresses, services and entertainment. What are the water park Minsk prices 2018? Freestyle, Lebyazhy, Dreamland and other centers.

  • . 10 minutes

medical tourism

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Presentation on the topic; Water trips and water safety

Presentation for 9th grade schoolchildren on the topic "Water trips and safety on the water" about safety rules. pptCloud. u - a convenient directory with the ability to download a powerpoint presentation for free

  • . 9 minutes
Ski tourism: description, equipment, safety, photo, video

Hiking along mountain paths is not only silence and beautiful landscapes around, on mountain routes you can often face a danger that you need to be prepared for

  • . 21 minutes
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