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Prospects for medical tourism in Ukraine

In the south of Ukraine - Ukrainian pink "Dead Sea" and mud-stimulants, and in the west - salts and oil water | TODAY

  • . 19 minutes
Get medical treatment in Germany or Finland: TOP-5 medical tourism destinations 2019

Finland is a relatively small country with a significantly lower population density than Russia. The country has some features that make it a popular tourist destination.

  • . 23 minutes

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Features of obtaining a visa for treatment to America

To apply for a medical visa for treatment in the United States, you need to collect a package of documents and submit it to the consulate. The list of documents, terms, cost of a visa - all this is in our article.

  • . 22 minutes
Primorye relies on medical tourism

Detox and health improvement programs, an individual approach and a high level of service - these are the main reasons to choose the Amur Bay sanatorium in Vladivostok for recreation. See what treatment is offered at the health resort.

  • . 14 minutes
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